Animals in Captivity

An anon with a rather bleak analysis on real life:

It’s because you’ve been raised in a fantasy world.  You watched movies, you read books, you played video games where there are themes of true love and romance and friendship.

You filled your mind with the idea that conversations and socialization were made up of honest, serious things.  You thought people talked about life and dreams and the future, like it was written in a script.  You thought “real life” was going to be like that.

You thought “real life” was supposed to be IMPORTANT.

But it wasn’t.  Nothing anybody did was important.  Everything felt artificial in the “real world”, people ignored each other, friendships were shams, and conversations were awkward and mostly filled with stupid shit.

This is “real life”.  This is what it was all along.  You’ve been tricked into thinking it was better by people who made video games, but then you realize that video games aren’t meant to reflect real life.

They’re meant to escape it.

I don’t know if the above analysis is true for everyone, and I certainly believe there are things an individual can try to do to enrich their own lives.  But the analysis certainly does a good job of explaining why so many young men are socially withdrawn nowadays:

animals in captivity

Original screen cap:


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