Psychedelic Ride

An anon on 4chan posted the explanations of someone experienced in the usage of psychedelics on how they connect to occult and meditative practices:

I have an older friend (he’s 72, if I’m not mistaken) who was among the first people to study psychedelics in the context of psychiatry in the 50’s and 60’s.  He’s a pretty brilliant guy, and the kind of polymath that’s done years of yoga, aikido, meditation and all these different practices, both eastern and western, so I really respect his opinion.

He once told me that Enlightenment is like climbing a very tall mountain, and that psychedelics are like a helicopter ride to the top.  With psychedelics, you can go very high (thought not as high as the peak itself), experience what it’s like to be up there and take a look at some of the possible paths one can take to climb the mountain.  But there’s no way to land the helicopter at the top, so eventually you’ll have to come back down.  If you want to stay at that peak, you need to climb with your own hands and feet.

Furthering the analogy, he says that the smart psychedelic user will use the helicopter ride to scout out the obstacles in the path, so that he can better navigate his way up and be prepared to deal with these obstacles.  But it’s just a heads up: they’ll be just as hard to deal with as they’d have been without the ride, only you’ll have a better idea of what’s coming.  And the not-so-smart user, he just rides that helicopter as often as possible to enjoy the view from the top without effort.  The problem with that approach is that it’s very windy near the mountaintop, and the more you ride up the higher your chance of eventually crashing down into the valley and ending up worse off than you began.  It can still count as a life experience, but at that point you’ve done yourself more harm than good.

So according to him, psychedelics can be a very good aid in spiritual practice if used properly.  He has also recommended using ketamine (a dissociative) to practice disenchantment, by becoming used to the state of dissociation and thus breaking attachment to the body and to sensual pleasures.  But he believes that these drugs are only useful if they’re used as side dishes – the main course is still mediation and self-discipline.

Original screepcap here:

psychedelic ride


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