Gremory experience

This is a screen shot of someone’s experience of the demon Gremory.  4chan has a surprising amount of demon experience that’s been posted in their paranormal board over the years.  Sadly due to the nature of the site most of it is lost.  I will post other people’s experience with demons that I find on … More Gremory experience

A Gem

Something good from 4chan.  The more I look at it the more versatile it seems.  It can be used to describe both hardcore fundamentalist religious people and the rabid skeptic type that cries “nay” at any mention of the paranormal.

Bullshit Detector

This is an article originally posted on occult forums by someone named Daleth.  It’s good stuff that anyone who’s interested in the occult should be aware of: One problem every single beginner (and many supposed intermediates, and a huge amount of supposed adepts) has is making use of their bullshit detector. I’d like to think … More Bullshit Detector


This picture on Hillary Clinton was true when I was in college at the age of 18, and it is still true today.  Some things never change.