Societal Biology

An anon on 4chan offers an interesting take on how biology influences gender roles in society: The sad and ironic part is, you’re not far from the truth. But it’s not the patriarchy. Please read on. Gender roles, while often thought of as societal constructs, are more often biological pre-dispositions. The majority of men (aprox … More Societal Biology

Feline Optical Illusion

An amusing set of pictures recently posted on twitter from a pet owner in Japan.  What appears to be a cat roaring like a lion: Turned out was just a picture of the same cat laying on the ground yawning, but turned around 90 degrees.  Here is the original picture: Link to original conversation: 雄々しく立ってるようで実は床に寝転がってるだけのねこ … More Feline Optical Illusion

Short Attention Span

During the peak of the Taiwan situation from a couple of weeks ago, the following meme was posting regarding how some other similar regional conflicts were seemingly forgotten: It’s rather unfortunate that as of now, even Taiwan has been forgotten again.  It’s also curious that Pelosi’s visit was declared as a sort of great victory … More Short Attention Span

Pleasure vs Happiness

An anon speaks about the difference between seeking pleasure vs happiness, and how they create different mindsets in people that manages to permeate through to politics: Because leftists don’t understand happiness. Leftists are pleasure-seekers. They live for dopamine rushes. You ever see how they attempt to demean their opposition? They often refer to them as … More Pleasure vs Happiness

Sashimi Ennui

A strange tale of a restaurant owner lamenting his own booming business: 76 year old Takashima owns a restaurant, Yamato Tonkatsu, which specializes in tonkatsu (Japanese styled fried pork chops) in the city of Kawasaki, located in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan. He was interviewed by a TV news station recently, and the tale unfolds … More Sashimi Ennui