My Story

My story with Zagan is long.  At the beginning of it, I was a 22 year old who graduated from college with a business degree.  Up until that point of my life, I’ve been interested in the occult and have already worked with a couple of entities from the Goetia.

As a recent graduate with no industry experience and terrible social skills, I had trouble finding a job in business.  After months without finding a job and barely getting any interviews, I was frustrated and close to despair.  The long period without a job seemed to be an insult from the world to the young me, as if it said that I was no good.  No one wanted or needed me.  At this point I dug out my copy of the Goetia, and summoned the demon Orias.  He came without much trouble, just a feeling of… something being there.  A foreign presence, as accustomed from my previous experience with summoning entities.

During the ritual, I demanded several things from Orias.  Among them, I demanded that I gain employment in a terrible entry level job I applied for just a few days ago.  That job was crappy and lacking in upward movement to the point I would ordinarily deem it beneath me, but at that juncture I felt so bad about myself that I simply wanted something.  Some type of experience to build my resume, some income, and some acknowledgement from the world that I was still good for something.  The second thing I demanded of Orias was that he give me a sign as soon as possible to assure me that I am getting that job.  Orias being only the third Goetic demon I worked with, I was still a bit insecure in my dealings of them.  Asking the entity for a sign or reassurance, usually from my dreams, was a habit of mine.  He agreed with both of these requests, others that I made during the ritual, as well as the reward I promised.  At this, I gave the typical license to depart and asked him to leave.

A few days after the ritual I had a strange dream.  A terrifying being showed up to meet me.  He was squat, probably a foot shorter than me, and wide.  He was black and appeared to have feathers, possibly fur on his body.  He seemed to have a beak.  Most noticeable of all was a feeling of density from him.  Although he was short, it felt like there was a lot of him.  Like there’s a lot of substance somehow compressed into the diminutive being before me, and perhaps this is the reason why he appeared so wide, as well.  My first impression of him was that he was very powerful, and this led me to feel overwhelmed.

The being in my dream then told me that I was getting that job.  And to stop bugging him.

Two or three days later, I received a call from the company I applied to, and got exactly the job I wanted.  I thanked Orias and gave him the reward I promised.  Afterwards I continued working with Orias, mainly for him to help me rise in position in that new job.  To that end, during my time there in that job I was unusually popular, which was unusual for me, who up until that point in life was quiet and had mediocre social skills.  I was given supervisory duties a few months after employment and was slowly moving up in my company.

It was at that point that I slowly come to realize one common fact about life – working sucks.  Working mostly made me miserable.  It was monotonous, sometimes abusive, and just not… fun.  Dumb realization, sure, but as a kid I was fed all sorts of lies.  I was told if I had good grades in school, everything would turn out fine.  Everyone must go to college.  If you go to college, have good grades, can do math in your head (because you won’t always have a calculator with you), then you will have a good job waiting for you.  A job that pays well, is prestigious, contributes to society, and is mentally stimulating or fun.

I slowly grew disillusioned with work and my position in life.  I wondered what the meaning of my existence was, and the purpose for working.  I wondered whether one should strive to contribute to society or make the world better, and whether my job was doing so.  I was confused.  I communicated to Orias regarding these newfound worries, and one response I received from him was that if I can pay my bills and still do the things I enjoyed, then that is a fine way to live.  This answer tided me over for a while, and gave me peace.

Working still sucked.  I then realized that I have another 40+ years worth of work ahead of me.  Now that the novelty of working has worn off, I understood why most of society did not like work, and the various jokes people make on the subject.  I no longer desired to work.  I told Orias of this new desire.  I told him that instead of working, I really just want to have a big hunk of money to live off of, and spend the days doing what I liked.  I asked him whether he think this is normal or an acceptable goal to work toward.  He responded that it was fine.  I asked him to recommend other demons who can help me make wealth who are also a good match with me, and he told me a few names.  Amongst these names were Zagan, and Zagan was the one I eventually decided on to work with.

When I summoned Zagan the entity that showed up was one that felt somehow metallic.  Sharp, angular, with a metallic flavor and a straight forward attitude.  It didn’t want to make small talk, just wanted to get to the point.  I asked whether he was capable of helping me amass wealth.  He confirmed this, and immediately asked about a reward.  We negotiated a bit further, and settled on terms – mainly the time frame he has to accomplish the goal (close to 10 years), the amount of money I deemed appropriate, and such.  I also specified that even if he cannot bring about the amount of money I desired, I still wanted an “insurance”; a way for me to still retire early in peace and safety, with no harm come to any of those I love, in the same time frame specified.  At this point I’ve basically told him the goal I wished to achieve with this wealth, which is different from my previous dealings with Goetic demons, when I have simply asked for a certain result without stating why I wanted them.  In retrospect I did not even clearly understand why I wanted certain things in the previous attempts.  For example, one desires for a job because it’s what one gets upon graduation from college.  No thought as to why a job is needed or what’s in a job.

After that I would try to communicate with him from time to time the same way I did with Orias.  Zagan’s presence always felt fainter, more distant for some reason.  Being excited and not knowing how he’d accomplish my goal for me, I’d bug him from time to time, asking for good stocks to buy, and whatnot.  My limited abilities allowed for me to gauge yes and no answers as well as sense the emotions of the entities I dealt with, but getting clear, verbal communication was difficult for me and usually possible only through dreams.  Suffice to say whatever stocks symbols I managed to get out of Zagan during these attempts were not particularly useful.

Interestingly enough Zagan also never showed up in my dreams.  I’ve made the offer for all Goetics I’ve dealt with up until this point to show up in my dreams, just to tell me about themselves or about things I asked for.  Zagan is the only one that have not done so.  The last time I communicated with him directly was many years ago.  I was still in my first job, and had a Saturday shift coming up.  I did not feel like dealing with it at all, and I mentally fired up Zagan’s sigil, and asked him for strength to go through that day.  Immediately I received a clear response.  The response was, “fuck, no”.  Feeling aghast, I said to him something along the lines of, “If you don’t want to do it, fine.  But why the rudeness?”.  To which he responds, “this is something you can do yourself.”  I thought about his response carefully, and decided that this was indeed something I can handle on my own.  I then proceeded to go to work on that early Saturday shift and had a perfectly fine day.

After the “Fuck, no” incident I stopped bugging him and pretty much left the request I made to him out of my mind.  I went on with life.

A few months down the road I left my first job.  I went to work with a relative that I didn’t get along with at all in a small business.

The thing to note about this arrangement was that I knew how to sell stuff online, but had no idea on how to get merchandise to sell.  Even while employed in my first job I would periodically wonder, thinking if only I can get a couple good sources of merchandise, I can easily live a nice life just selling stuff online on my own.  My relative on the other hand, knew how to source for merchandise to sell but has no idea on how to sell them.  They worked in merchandise purchasing, and for years they have seen the company he worked for sell the good, cheap stuff he sourced for high profits while he received only a salary.

So together we worked for years, he sourced for merchandise and I sold them online.  We got in the business about 7 years ago or so, when the market was still good and not flooded by large quantities of Chinese sellers.  I’m sure anyone who has made a purchase on Amazon or eBay in the last year or so know what I’m talking about.  But anyway we got into the market at a good time.  While business was good we made decent profits. But the work hours was long, the stress high, and my health has gotten noticeably worse through out this time.

Over these years I’ve also came across resources on early retirement, and have learned about it.  My money have been carefully invested.  Even though the market has gone under now and the business with it, my investments provide enough for me to live on even if I never worked again.

During this period of my life I did not try to communicate with Zagan, nor thought much of my deal with him.  I was simply busy running my business.

As the business was winding down, I came across the account of someone else who has also summoned Zagan online.  Being a bit more clever than I am, the gentleman there actually asked Zagan how his abilities worked before going further with him.  Zagan’s explanation to him regarding his ability to turn blood into wine, and other various liquids into each other as depicted in the book, was that the liquids were indeed metaphorical.  For example blood represented one’s health, and wine represented as luxury (wonderful, but not something you need).   And then suddenly everything connected.  My increasingly worse health from the stress and overwork over the years that has passed, and the silently growing amount of real estate, stocks, funds, and other investments I owned.  Zagan has indeed turned blood into wine for me.  I understood that this demon has been with me all along, quietly working along side me when I have largely forgotten about his existence.  I laughed like a maniac when I realized this.  Interesting to note, Zagan is also said to be able to turn metals into coins of their denomination.  It describes my situation with online sales very well.  I went from having a skill but have no outlet to use it to better myself, to finding someone who complements it perfectly in an unexpected place, and as a result did utilize that skill to the fullest extent and used it to better my life greatly.  An allegory, but raw metal has indeed been turned into valuable coins.

I did not get the multiple millions that I requested.  But as I learned about early retirement and investing, I realized one can retire comfortably for less – and I got the amount needed to do so.  They were not made over night through lottery winnings or insurance money from my own house burning down, but through a lot of painful hard work and bumping into the right opportunity at the right time.  I find it a lesson learned that the goal of early retirement that I desired was achieved because I specifically stated it as my end goal.  In the past I would simply ask Goetic spirits to provide with me with specific things, without telling them what the things were for or even have clear understanding on why I wanted them.  Even though those rituals for the most part gave me what I asked for (for example the job from Orias) they have not done as much for my betterment.

I suppose the lesson is that Goetics are like tools.  If you don’t know what the fuck you’re trying to build, no matter how nice the tools you have, you won’t build shit.

To end, this sums up my story with Zagan up until this point of my life.  Zagan is a great and powerful king who has helped me retire in my early 30s.  I now spend my days doing what I enjoy.