Jealous Eyes

A woman notices a stray calico cat hanging around in her local neighborhood, and decides to play with it and feed it.  While doing so, she supposedly feels a cold gaze upon her back.  Turning around, she sees the following: Her own cat, staring down at her from her own apartment window.  She did nothing … More Jealous Eyes

Reddit & Newspeak – A Modern Example of Self-Censorship

An anon on 4chan notices disturbing trends on how the site Reddit psychologically conditions its users: Normies think that reddit is for discussions (a “forum site”), but in reality it’s a slow indoctrination/programing for self censorship by you having to adopt the “reddit language etiquette” (otherwise your account gets unusable, which means negative Karma or … More Reddit & Newspeak – A Modern Example of Self-Censorship

Grade School Monsters

A grade school teacher in Melbourne, Australia asked her students (aged 5-6) to draw their “dream monsters”.  Weeks down the road, she presented the children with hand made stuffed toys of the monsters that the students drew as a Christmas present. Below are the drawings of some of these critters, and the final stuffed toys … More Grade School Monsters

Chains of the Mind

Years ago an anonymous person asked a simple question on 4chan’s political discussion board: “What ‘conspiracy theories’ do you actually believe, and why.” A variety of answers poured in, some outlandish, but one in particular was well articulated and spectacular: At this point in history virtually every human on this planet is enslaved whether they … More Chains of the Mind