Culture as a Spectacle – Observed, But Not Lived

The following happens to be observations and musings posted by an anon on 8chan over 5 years ago. What’s scary about his observations is that back then, you can still consider them as fringe views, whereas nowadays the same culture degradation he spoke of are very much main stream. Our culture now takes the form … More Culture as a Spectacle – Observed, But Not Lived

Animals in Captivity

An anon with a rather bleak analysis on real life: It’s because you’ve been raised in a fantasy world.  You watched movies, you read books, you played video games where there are themes of true love and romance and friendship. You filled your mind with the idea that conversations and socialization were made up of … More Animals in Captivity

Bipedal Bugs

A horrible, but true piece of insight on how modern young people live.  Sadly they don’t do it by choice, but this is simply what big corporations and unbridled capitalism reduces people to: Realizing that this is the sort of future that awaits just might, oh I don’t know, drive a man to try to … More Bipedal Bugs