This is a curious little meme comic that has been circulating a lot on 4chan in the light of the recent attack on Ukraine from Russia: There’s multiple different versions of this comic, from one without any flag, to one with a modified flag of the USA.  The versions of the different flags present very … More “Traitor”

Are we teaching American Citizens or training Prussian Serfs?

Below is an essay based on a speech by Senator Ann O’Connell that was adapted by Diane Alden.  It sheds a lot of light on the public schooling system used in the US and a good chunk of the rest of the world today.  The original archive for this essay is now long gone from … More Are we teaching American Citizens or training Prussian Serfs?

“What Scares You”

An oldie, but a goodie.  Taken from a page from a yearbook for rather young children. Dylan there probably doesn’t care much about death at his age, as the above seem to be just a cute joke collaborated between him and Catherine. For myself, the only time in my life when I really feared death … More “What Scares You”

What Makes an NPC?

The “NPC” meme first came on the scene a few years ago and grew in popularity.  It’s been used to describe people who do not think for themselves or make their own decisions, and is something quite often used to mock liberals by the alt right. Below is a different take on the NPC meme … More What Makes an NPC?