Reddit & Newspeak – A Modern Example of Self-Censorship

An anon on 4chan notices disturbing trends on how the site Reddit psychologically conditions its users: Normies think that reddit is for discussions (a “forum site”), but in reality it’s a slow indoctrination/programing for self censorship by you having to adopt the “reddit language etiquette” (otherwise your account gets unusable, which means negative Karma or … More Reddit & Newspeak – A Modern Example of Self-Censorship

Chains of the Mind

Years ago an anonymous person asked a simple question on 4chan’s political discussion board: “What ‘conspiracy theories’ do you actually believe, and why.” A variety of answers poured in, some outlandish, but one in particular was well articulated and spectacular: At this point in history virtually every human on this planet is enslaved whether they … More Chains of the Mind

On Women and Power

An anon on 4chan makes an interesting case for women being psychopaths when it comes to love and life, and receives another insightful response from someone else who has taken the time to ponder his points over: WARNING: this is likely going to ruin all of your future relationships with females, forever. But who am … More On Women and Power

On Consumption

An old essay from a 4chan anon from almost 10 years ago on how consumption drives modern society.  Very interesting to see how some trends they spoke about have continued to develop and in some cases, degenerate over the past years: How old were you when you realized that unbridled capitalism is cancer?And no, I … More On Consumption

On Humiliation – How You’ve Been Groomed to Accept Totalitarian Rule

A 4chan anon analyzes recent social trends from a very different angle – where strange or degrading social trends are not just a side effect of greater social-economic issues, but the main goal of those in charge in an attempt to humiliate the general public for more insidious goals: “You’ve been groomed to soon accept … More On Humiliation – How You’ve Been Groomed to Accept Totalitarian Rule

Societal Biology

An anon on 4chan offers an interesting take on how biology influences gender roles in society: The sad and ironic part is, you’re not far from the truth. But it’s not the patriarchy. Please read on. Gender roles, while often thought of as societal constructs, are more often biological pre-dispositions. The majority of men (aprox … More Societal Biology

Pleasure vs Happiness

An anon speaks about the difference between seeking pleasure vs happiness, and how they create different mindsets in people that manages to permeate through to politics: Because leftists don’t understand happiness. Leftists are pleasure-seekers. They live for dopamine rushes. You ever see how they attempt to demean their opposition? They often refer to them as … More Pleasure vs Happiness