Lion Cub Bites Father’s Balls, Chaos Ensues

A scene captured by a tourist at the Asahiyama Zoo in Japan, featuring a family of lions. Initially, the lion cub was simply curious of the balls dangling between the male lion’s legs: A tentative, investigative bite follows: Father’s fury ensues: Father captures the cub.  Mother attempts to stop the father from savaging said cub: … More Lion Cub Bites Father’s Balls, Chaos Ensues

The Horse Zoo

A Japanese man shares a strange tale from his childhood: When he was young, whenever he would ask his father to take him to the zoo, his father would agree.  Come weekend, his father would always fulfill his promise and take the young child to the zoo.  When they were done looking at all the … More The Horse Zoo

Creatures of Heroin

A Canadian anon complains about his city (Vancouver) of legalizing the possession (2.5g or less) of hard drugs such as heroin.  A different anon whose city, Portland, had already done something similar responds with a horrifying tale of what might be coming next. First, the Canadian anon’s complaint, which includes a link to a more … More Creatures of Heroin