Joyous Future

The weekly schedule at a random local church in the U.S.  Despite the title of the sermon for the week, one can’t help but feel dubious toward its claims:

Cycle of Life

In light of the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin, a police officer, over his involvement of the death of George Floyd, one can’t help but notice all of it is simply part of a larger urban life cycle often seen certain American cities:

Social Justice Warriors vs Conspiracy Theorists

A brief treatise on how modern Social Justice Warriors share a lot of similarities to conspiracy theorists: All the social justice movements have more in common with conspiracy theorists than they might want to believe. Modern society has brought them to a point where they can no longer identify systemic discrimination as a force of … More Social Justice Warriors vs Conspiracy Theorists

Substitute Hedgehog

A zoo in Japan recently placed a bristle brush inside their hedgehog exhibit, along with the message stating that due to the cold weather, the hedgehog is staying inside a custom warm enclosure (possibly hibernating?), so they have prepared the brush there as a substitute “because they all look the same anyway. Hedgehog will be … More Substitute Hedgehog