Rooster Attacks Child, Gets Turned into Nuggets by Mom

An interesting story has been circulating on social media in the recent weeks.  A Mississippi woman, Megan Schmidt, kept what was described as a “Backyard Rooster”, a male chicken by the name of HeiHei, in their home.  In the recent days, HeiHei attacked the family’s young child.  In a now deleted post online, Schmidt wrote: … More Rooster Attacks Child, Gets Turned into Nuggets by Mom

Jealous Eyes

A woman notices a stray calico cat hanging around in her local neighborhood, and decides to play with it and feed it.  While doing so, she supposedly feels a cold gaze upon her back.  Turning around, she sees the following: Her own cat, staring down at her from her own apartment window.  She did nothing … More Jealous Eyes

Reddit & Newspeak – A Modern Example of Self-Censorship

An anon on 4chan notices disturbing trends on how the site Reddit psychologically conditions its users: Normies think that reddit is for discussions (a “forum site”), but in reality it’s a slow indoctrination/programing for self censorship by you having to adopt the “reddit language etiquette” (otherwise your account gets unusable, which means negative Karma or … More Reddit & Newspeak – A Modern Example of Self-Censorship

Grade School Monsters

A grade school teacher in Melbourne, Australia asked her students (aged 5-6) to draw their “dream monsters”.  Weeks down the road, she presented the children with hand made stuffed toys of the monsters that the students drew as a Christmas present. Below are the drawings of some of these critters, and the final stuffed toys … More Grade School Monsters

Chains of the Mind

Years ago an anonymous person asked a simple question on 4chan’s political discussion board: “What ‘conspiracy theories’ do you actually believe, and why.” A variety of answers poured in, some outlandish, but one in particular was well articulated and spectacular: At this point in history virtually every human on this planet is enslaved whether they … More Chains of the Mind

The Faces of Coding – Twitter Edition

The following is a somewhat popular meme image that has been circulating in various places online for years: I’ve always thought of the above image as being grossly exaggerated and very tongue in cheek.  Imagine my surprise, then, when more details on the mass layoffs from Twitter came out recently.  For starter’s, per the new … More The Faces of Coding – Twitter Edition

Funeral Home Rules

A new picture that has been circulating online showcasing the employee regulations for a funeral home located in China.  While the first rule adamantly proclaims “there is no such thing as ghosts in this world”, the rest of them appear to tell a different story. Here are the translated English version of the 9 rules: … More Funeral Home Rules