Manufactured Outrage

I’m not typically passionate about politics and have not voted for either presidential candidate in the recent election in the US. However, I can’t help but notice very obvious differential treatments from the media between the recent protests in the nation’s capital and the BLM protests that took place over the summer & fall of … More Manufactured Outrage


A modern day horror story. Technology is slowly going too far. Screen cap found on 4chan, but originally from Reddit: My Toddler almost never addresses me as “mom” or “mommy” He only does when he’s annoyed or angry. I know he can, he just doesn’t. So this morning he was following me around calling me … More Alexa

Culture as a Spectacle – Observed, But Not Lived

The following happens to be observations and musings posted by an anon on 8chan over 5 years ago. What’s scary about his observations is that back then, you can still consider them as fringe views, whereas nowadays the same culture degradation he spoke of are very much main stream. Our culture now takes the form … More Culture as a Spectacle – Observed, But Not Lived