Tim the Mouse

An anon’s cat brought in a dying mouse from outside his house.  A surprising amount of kindness was shown to the animal at the last step of its journey:

Science vs “Soyence” – the Epistemology of Modern Society

Below is an essay by an anon on 4chan on the different ways people think and form beliefs.  Despite the technical terms used, it’s pretty easy to digest and sheds a lot of light on some of the strange behavior observed in modern society. Human action is guided primarily by philosophy – particularly epistemology. How … More Science vs “Soyence” – the Epistemology of Modern Society

Feline Therapy

The son from a Japanese household had a giant fight with his mom one day after school.  The father came up with an ingenious way for the both of them to calm down using preexisting resources in the household – feline therapy: Household with two cats means each human gets their own.  From my personal … More Feline Therapy