You can’t trust others to be your heroes

An angry anon makes a good point on the nature of heroes, and what one should do when faced with their imperfections (or downright moral failures): Fucking this.  You can’t trust others to be your heroes. It’s important to remember that you never truly know your heroes.  Heroes are just people. People change.  People are … More You can’t trust others to be your heroes

10000 Years Later

Perhaps the alliance with the humans was a mistake: On a more serious point, this can happen to us as individuals as well.  Ally yourself with the wrong career, corporation, spouse or what have you, and perhaps 20 years down the road the same thing would have happened to you.  One must be always vigilant … More 10000 Years Later

Animals in Captivity

An anon with a rather bleak analysis on real life: It’s because you’ve been raised in a fantasy world.  You watched movies, you read books, you played video games where there are themes of true love and romance and friendship. You filled your mind with the idea that conversations and socialization were made up of … More Animals in Captivity

Psychedelic Ride

An anon on 4chan posted the explanations of someone experienced in the usage of psychedelics on how they connect to occult and meditative practices: I have an older friend (he’s 72, if I’m not mistaken) who was among the first people to study psychedelics in the context of psychiatry in the 50’s and 60’s.  He’s … More Psychedelic Ride

Mouse Utopia

A brief summary of the experiments done by John Calhoun back in the 60s, where mice were provided with unlimited food in individual colonies.  As the population grew, space became more limited and the rodent society begins to deviate.  Horrifyingly, our current human society is showing many of the signs of these past failed rodent … More Mouse Utopia