The Covid Religion

An anon on 4chan observes how the Covid scares over the past couple of years bears an eerie resemblance to a new religious movement: We are witnessing the birth of a new religion. >baptism = vaccines >hijab = masks >priests = scientists >tenets = CDC guidelines >saints = Fauci, Gates. >heretics = anti-vaxxers >holy communion … More The Covid Religion


This is a curious little meme comic that has been circulating a lot on 4chan in the light of the recent attack on Ukraine from Russia: There’s multiple different versions of this comic, from one without any flag, to one with a modified flag of the USA.  The versions of the different flags present very … More “Traitor”

What Makes an NPC?

The “NPC” meme first came on the scene a few years ago and grew in popularity.  It’s been used to describe people who do not think for themselves or make their own decisions, and is something quite often used to mock liberals by the alt right. Below is a different take on the NPC meme … More What Makes an NPC?

The Enkidu Gambit – How Modern Society See Single Young Men

A 4chan anon explains the modern phenomenon of single young men who does not bother to seek out sex/marriage in the lens of an old Sumerian myth, and how society views them: It’s called the Enkidu gambit, and this is why incel has become the insult du jour of the present social mainstream. Women – … More The Enkidu Gambit – How Modern Society See Single Young Men

“Science” as an outdated technology?

An anon with an academic background gives a criticism on the effects of research institutions and bureaucracies on science itself.  A first step on the staircase that leads down a surprisingly deep rabbit hole: What we call “science” is 17-century technology. The system made sense when research was done by a relatively small group of … More “Science” as an outdated technology?

Relativistic Bomb

Interesting musings on the implications of civilizations that manage to achieve light speed travel, and how they may interact with humanity: The great silence (ie. absence of SETI signals from alien civilizations) is perhaps the strongest indicator of all that high relativistic velocities are attainable and that everybody out there knows it. The sobering truth … More Relativistic Bomb


A very unfortunate tale on how a 4chan anon broke his father’s heart: When I was ten years old, I had a bike. And I hated the fucking thing. My dad gave it to me when I was eight, and for two years I couldn’t stand the bike. The gears were always rusted, the chain … More Gameboy