Lion Cub Bites Father’s Balls, Chaos Ensues

A scene captured by a tourist at the Asahiyama Zoo in Japan, featuring a family of lions. Initially, the lion cub was simply curious of the balls dangling between the male lion’s legs: A tentative, investigative bite follows: Father’s fury ensues: Father captures the cub.  Mother attempts to stop the father from savaging said cub: … More Lion Cub Bites Father’s Balls, Chaos Ensues

The Horse Zoo

A Japanese man shares a strange tale from his childhood: When he was young, whenever he would ask his father to take him to the zoo, his father would agree.  Come weekend, his father would always fulfill his promise and take the young child to the zoo.  When they were done looking at all the … More The Horse Zoo

Suspected Lunch Thief

A recent post from the Wyandotte Police Department from Michigan shows their internal investigations over an officer’s suspected thieving behavior toward their colleague’s food: Stealing is not only a crime but it is morally wrong too. Some jobs, like that of being a police officer, require you to take an oath prior to starting. Within … More Suspected Lunch Thief

Jealous Eyes

A woman notices a stray calico cat hanging around in her local neighborhood, and decides to play with it and feed it.  While doing so, she supposedly feels a cold gaze upon her back.  Turning around, she sees the following: Her own cat, staring down at her from her own apartment window.  She did nothing … More Jealous Eyes

Grade School Monsters

A grade school teacher in Melbourne, Australia asked her students (aged 5-6) to draw their “dream monsters”.  Weeks down the road, she presented the children with hand made stuffed toys of the monsters that the students drew as a Christmas present. Below are the drawings of some of these critters, and the final stuffed toys … More Grade School Monsters