Toilet Hog

A Japanese poster photographed the following interactions between their son and the family’s cat.  The child had to use the bathroom, but came across the enormous white cat lounging on the toilet: Being too big to lift, the child attempts to negotiate with the cat instead: Perhaps petting would encourage the cat to move?  Although … More Toilet Hog

Wall of Shame

An unlikely figure makes it on the wall of shame for a local convenience store in Denver, Colorado: Closer inspection of the picture reads “Beef Jerky Thief (Good Boy)”: Apparently, the thief in question belongs to a regular customer of the store, and has indeed attempted to steal the merchandise from the beef jerky aisle … More Wall of Shame

Japanese Man Arrested for Stealing Women’s Shoes and Replacing Them with New Ones

Such a strange world we live in: “I just wanted to smell women’s shoes,” he said. Aichi prefecture in central Japan seems to be a hot spot for weird criminal activity these days, between people selling modified Pokémon from a hacked game, stealing piano covers from schools, and slashing women’s car tires. And now we … More Japanese Man Arrested for Stealing Women’s Shoes and Replacing Them with New Ones

Feral Cats

Maybe culling all those feral cats wasn’t such a good idea, Australia: In Australia’s defense, if you pay close attention to government policies and politics in general, most western countries seem to operate in a similarly shorted sighted manner.

“Not Like That”

Despite how corporations always harp about the importance of leadership and teamwork, there are certain sorts of leadership and teamwork they’ll stomp out like a rhino stomps out a fire: The woman’s facial expression in the third panel is the best.

Joyous Future

The weekly schedule at a random local church in the U.S.  Despite the title of the sermon for the week, one can’t help but feel dubious toward its claims: