Lost Cat

Both a hilarious and horrifying tale from a man who lost his pet cat, and was eventually reunited with it.  One can’t help but ponder though, what did he do with the extra one?  A new person out there now has a lost cat, too. Originally from… probably twitter.

Cat bed thief

A Japanese man recently shared pictures of his child acting strange online.  Rather than laying on the bed or sofas at home, the boy have opted to steal the cat bed instead: The cat itself have a rather zen attitude toward it all.  It’s almost as if it’s trying to say, “whatever, you win this … More Cat bed thief

“What Scares You”

An oldie, but a goodie.  Taken from a page from a yearbook for rather young children. Dylan there probably doesn’t care much about death at his age, as the above seem to be just a cute joke collaborated between him and Catherine. For myself, the only time in my life when I really feared death … More “What Scares You”

Low Cost Cosplay

A gentleman from Thailand takes the art of cosplaying to an extreme level, all the while maintaining a low budget: Joker, using matchsticks: Nezuko from the popular anime Demon Slayer: Another smiley face emoji: Last emoji from the set: Shin-chan, popular anime character from long ago: Inuyasha, another old anime character.  Very creative use of … More Low Cost Cosplay

Rat Friend

An unlikely friendship formed in the midst of the corona virus pandemic: The two attempt’s on Manuel’s life leaves more questions than answers.  How did they go down?  How did the two eventually reconcile and become friends?  The world may never know.

Feline Therapy

The son from a Japanese household had a giant fight with his mom one day after school.  The father came up with an ingenious way for the both of them to calm down using preexisting resources in the household – feline therapy: Household with two cats means each human gets their own.  From my personal … More Feline Therapy