Social Justice as a Religion

An anon on 4chan explains how the modern SJW movements possess the same qualities Christianity did in the olden age:

… but SJW are another symptom. They are Neo-puritans in fact. A godless religion but with dogmas eerily similar to Christianity.

1) Original sin: slavery/white guilt instead of an apple => check
2) Listen and believe: do not question the dogma. Faith before reason => check
3) Books of undisputed authority: instead of “go and read the bible, heathen”, they will tell you do “educate yourself, shitlord” by reading feminist doctrine.
4) Inquisition: they will not burn you alive but will do everything in their power to ruin your social standing and career forever. They also use the same modus operandi of reaching their conclusions before the trial even takes place.

So there you have it. The reason a lot of edgy agnostic/atheistic kid from the butthole of the internet hating on your little cult as much as they used to hate on Christians is because you are the fucking Church of the 21th century.

It’s interesting to note that the above was posted back in 2018 by the original author in response to someone else’s comments.  Now it’s 2021, and in the 3 years that has gone past, the four listed qualities of SJW-ism listed above have stayed the same in principle, but grown more extreme in scope.

I’ve observed “Privilege” in general, as opposed to specifically historical slavery or whiteness, being increasingly used as the “Original Sin” in the context of the Social Justice movement.  Since the definition of privilege itself is being kept vague and ever changing, any group can now be conveniently designated as guilty at a moment’s notice.  I’ve thus seen common demographic factors such as sex (man vs woman, woman vs transgender, etc), to truly outlandish qualities such as mental well being (mentally ill vs mentally sound, “able-ism”, etc) being used as the source of one’s guilt/sin. 

No one’s truly immune from being branded as guilty and subsequently attacked by SJWs anymore.  Even groups considered as oppressed minorities or heroes from prior years, such as feminists, are sometimes branded as oppressors today by even more niche minority groups.

Blind faith in their cause, as denoted in points 2 & 3 above, appear to have only grown more extreme in the past few years.

Most worryingly, the “inquisition” aspect of the modern SJW movement from point 4 have crossed from being purely social into the realms of physical violence, as the riots experienced by the US during the recent year can attest.  Combined with the ease with which “Privilege” can be used to designate an individual or group as guilty, and hence  targets for aggression, this can easily lead to mob violence against relatively innocent people.

There’s two general possibilities that can occur should the SJW movement and the radical far-left rhetoric that drives it continue to grow in the same way.  The first is we’ll end up with a society similar to communist China during the cultural revolution. This is where we are currently heading to between the idea of “Privilege = Guilty” (where “Privilege” is kept intentionally vague and flexible in definition) and trend of physical violence against the “Guilty” being increasingly accepted.

The second is that we would experience a rise in far-right movements to counter the far-left similar to what Germany experienced during the end of the Weimar era.  Either way, we probably have some unpleasant times ahead.

original sin

Original screen cap:

SJW religion

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