Thoughts on “White Privilege Training” and “Critical Race Theory”

A very insightful treatise on Critical Race Theory and the racial based shaming that comes riding on its coat tails from Daniel Concannon, a public education employee who formerly worked in the Manchester school district in the state of NH.  This is an issue that this man was willing to resign from his job to make a point on:

No decent human being supports Critical Race Theory or any of the ongoing anti-White lunacy. Or, any of the other components of the cultural revolution in which we find ourselves.

But the fiends that enforce this fiction have control of every government and corporate institution in the West. And they require us to participate in attacks against ourselves while they hold our jobs and our kids’ futures hostage. Threatening to destroy our livelihood here and now should we dare resist our coerced contribution to the destruction of our own civilization.

These people do not seek “diversity.” They do not seek “equity.” They do not seek “inclusion.”

They do not seek whatever the latest stupid word they’ve made up to clobber our psyches with pretends to stand for. They seek the erasure of our past, our present, and our future.

We have only ourselves to rely on to see that they fail miserably at these goals. To “grin and bear” their incessant attacks, imagining that they will go away, is to concede defeat. Don’t do this.

These people love to rail about “institutional power” without the slightest acknowledgment of the irony that they are the institutional power. Institutional power is all that they have. They are otherwise weak – physically and spiritually. But they are relentless. The passivity and non-engagement of good people is no defense for the fevered onslaught from these institutional powers.

So let us engage.

blues clues parade
Animated gay pride parade featuring a drag queen lead singer, gay parents and transgender children recently featured on Blues Clues, a TV show for preschool age children.

Stop listening to them and start listening to your gut. Look around. Are you not revolted by nearly everything that you see on television, online, and in reality? Nightmare scenarios that you would have scoffed at as grotesque fantasies ten years ago are now unremarkable realities.

That is the result of our collective failure to overcome our fear of remaining faithful to reality, listen to our guts, and revolt against those that are leading this revolt against nature.

Do not comply with their sickness. Do not play along with their inversion of reality. Do not remain silent. We’ve now spent generations in retreat from this anti-civilizational advance. There is nowhere left for us to run. We have been cornered. Now, let’s fight our way out.

Before the screeching from any passing by SJWs even begin, I must also add that I am not even white in real life.  As a non-white citizen living in the US, I can recognize CRT as being generally nutty, and specifically, a horrible and divisive thing to teach to children.

Once they are done with the whites, the same self righteous and violent mentality that leads the rabid SJW types would also lead them to go after other groups, such as the wealthy, Asians, Hispanics, Christians or whichever other social/racial/religious group that dare to do even slightly better than the lowest common denominator.  A lot of us may not see it, but being against the ever more radical quasi-communist rhetoric that’s so common today is simply the equivalent of looking after one’s own ass down the road.

For those interested in more of a chuckle and less of the depressing and serious post above, here’s Daniel Concannon’s original resignation letter to the school board:

danial concannon

And lastly, the original screen cap of the initial treatise listed above:

daniel concannon

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