The Politics of Consumption

burger queerMexico’s Burger King chain changed their logo to be “Burger Queer” to celebrate Pride Month a couple of years ago.  One 4chan anon, ecstatic over the act, posted happily about it:

Could there even be a bigger argument against bigotry?

Literally everybody with a brain, ie people capable of owning companies and being more than redneck trash, opposes baseless hate based on people’s skin color, sexuality or gender.

Another anon answered with an analysis on the relations between popular leftist talking points, such as LGBT issues, and corporate powers and profit:

Political issues cannot be decomposed into “social” and “economic” issues. “Social issues” are really just the economics of demand. Corporations derive power from consumption. Social leftism is pro consumption.

Families are not a social issue, they’re an economic issue. Two parent families consume half as much housing as single parent families. Extended families consume even less. Inheritance is what creates demand for “built to last”, and allows inter-generational recycling of wealth. Deconstructing families is pro consumption.

Sexual liberalism is not a social issue, it’s an economic issue. Casual sex is inherently competitive. Once you are in shape, the only way to compete is to consume, resulting in everyone else also needing to consume to remain competitive. Marxists literally promoted casual sex culture under the pretense that is was a low consumption form of recreation, using the infantile logic of:

>In only requires people’s bodies
>Therefore no consumption

completely ignoring the competitive psychology behind it and the social ramifications thereof. Deconstructing sexual taboos is pro consumption.

demandMigration is not a social issue, it’s an economic issue. Anyone below the poverty line must be a consumer. Anyone above the poverty line might be a saver. Subsidizing artificial birth rates in the third world, importing them to western welfare states, then redistributing to them from the middle class increases consumption. This is because redistribution from potential savers to guaranteed spenders is effectively redistribution from savers to the people selling what spenders buy. Deconstructing borders is pro consumption.

In the case of the LGBTBBQ example, trannies feel they need to spend millions in hormones and surgery to feel comfortable in their bodies. If everyone felt this need to consume, the corporate elite would have even greater power. Their power comes from demand, and social leftism is the politics of unshackling demand.

The logic described above makes sense.  Most of the issues pushed by the main stream left in the past couple of decades does have the convenient side effect of increasing spending and hence, increasing corporate profit and powers.

It would be pretty disturbing if the decision makers in our society are singularly motivated by making profit, in an almost robotic manner.  Sadly when you get past the low level managerial grunts, the blind, robotic drive for more profit often is what you find lying in wait.

Lastly, for those interested, here is a brief analysis on what happened to Occupy Wall Street, a movement that threatened the profit and powers of the big corporations, and how it was destroyed by rabid leftists from the inside:

sjw wall street


Original screen cap:

consumption demand

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