The Tale of the Socially Maladaptive Monkey

A tourist visiting the Hongshan Forest Zoo recently noticed a strange sight in the monkey habitat – a single monkey was stuck on a bamboo raft, floating by the wall in the moat surrounding the monkeys’ island:

monkey tale 01

The monkey in question also had a very distressed and upset expression on his face.

Upon posting the pictures online, those in the know came forth and provided further information.  As it turns out, the monkey used to be a wild animal who was also a bit of a celebrity, both online and locally.  He had repeatedly broken into human homes, stolen food, destroyed properties and had even killed multiple pet dogs and cats.

Upon his capture, this monkey was sent to the Hongshan zoo.  People probably thought it would be a more humane fate than euthanasia.  When the monkey was introduced to the monkey habitat with the rest of his kind, on the first day, he immediately challenged the leader of the troop – and got his ass kicked.

He was then banished to the moat surrounding the monkey island.  The tourist also noticed an individual monkey sitting by the water, just keeping an eye on the poor hero of our tale.  Upon inquiry, the tourist learned that the monkey by the water is no friend of his, but rather a sentry sent by the leader of the monkey troop.  The moment our socially maldaptive hero would approach the island on his little bamboo raft, the sentry would proceed to beat him up.

It’s pretty amazing for the monkey troop in the zoo to be able to assign a sentry to keep an eye on the unwelcomed outsider.  Nevertheless, I hope the new monkey can eventually integrate himself into the troop.

monkey tale 02

Originally from social media.

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