The Horse Zoo

A Japanese man shares a strange tale from his childhood:

When he was young, whenever he would ask his father to take him to the zoo, his father would agree.  Come weekend, his father would always fulfill his promise and take the young child to the zoo.  When they were done looking at all the pretty horses, they would leave the “zoo”.  Dad would also always get him ice cream on the way home.

horse zoo 02

According to this man, these trips are some of his happiest childhood memories.  When he reached the 3rd grade in elementary school and went on a class trip to the zoo with his classmates, he had an epiphany – his father was not taking him to a zoo, but the Nakayama race course.

horse zoo 03
The Nakayama race course

He further clarified that as a young child, he never questioned the “zoo” trips.  He just thought it was a zoo that specialized in horses, and even thought that since the horses were very active, they were more interesting to observe than the sleepy animals found in a conventional zoo.

I wonder if he got ice cream every time, or only when dad managed to win a bet.


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