Creatures of Heroin

A Canadian anon complains about his city (Vancouver) of legalizing the possession (2.5g or less) of hard drugs such as heroin.  A different anon whose city, Portland, had already done something similar responds with a horrifying tale of what might be coming next.

First, the Canadian anon’s complaint, which includes a link to a more detailed article on his summary of the events that had transpired in his city:

>Police simply walk past drug users as new law comes into force despite 2,272 deaths from illicit substances last year in British Columbia
>Thanks to a radical new policy introduced by British Columbia, one of Canada’s most liberal provinces, adults in possession of 2.5g of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine or ecstasy will not be arrested or even have their drugs seized.
>The new role of the police in this part of Western Canada is “to redirect people who possess small amounts of certain illegal drugs away from the criminal justice system and towards health and social services,” said Staff Sergeant Kris Clark.
>The ultimate goal, Ms Bennett said, “is to save lives”.
My hatred of Canadians grows every day.

A Portland anon’s response on what can be expected in Vancouver in the months that follow:

Hey Canada it’s me Portland just calling to let you know what’s next. Yeah we did this one already.

You will now have a couple types of “Homeless” people appearing. I put homeless in quotes because the average weird loner bum hobo, and the poor person out of work aren’t the types you’ll be seeing.

pirateFirst are land pirates. They steal everything, even things you wouldn’t think needed to be stolen or could be stolen. Whether it’s copper wiring out of every construction site, or just some food from a corner store, they will take with no fucks given. They may drive a van through the window of a store just to steal $40 worth of chips and candy, or they might steal a forklift and try and take an entire ATM. It simply doesn’t matter, they just take. They’ll steal trashcans, they’ll steal pallets, they’ll steal bikes, they’ll steal entire sheds, they’ll do anything they feel like doing in an endless drive to gather resource to built little huts out of, and resell in order to make drugs.

This eventually overwhelms police, they simply won’t show up if you call them to come deal with burglary. They won’t even take a report– they’re busy dealing with the third piece of this post. Whatever small businesses you like, they won’t be there anymore. Eventually insurance stops paying out or raises rates, and suddenly running a corner store is impossible. Your local bike shop, favorite restaurants, everything. It’s all gone and everything that can be taken by land pirates, who will turn it into heroin and meth. Eventually the land pirates mobilize, they might steal a box truck or camper van, and just let it rot somewhere while they live out of it. They’ll use it to break things, and they’ll steal gas to drive it around sometimes.

The land pirates will congregate outside of stores, not quite on store property but not quite off of it either. They’ll leave their tents, trash, campers, trash, and fires there while they take turns running into the store and stealing things.

legal heroin zombiesThe next type are just actual zombies. If you haven’t seen them before, or maybe you have, they have no thoughts or feelings, no real discernible gender were it not for facial hair, or pretty much any features resembling consciousness besides a humanish shape. They steal sometimes but mostly just rot away in public, sometimes naked, pissing and shitting, stinking and loud, and they’re the worst of the bunch. They’re completely insane, maybe they had schizophrenia before they started drugs, or maybe the meth is just as neurotoxic as studies suggest. Eventually their wordless screams will just fill the air and terrorize your kids as you just have to pretend you just don’t see them. Maybe they were veterans, maybe they weren’t, maybe they worked, maybe they were always like this, they’re a fucking pain. One will decide your corner is a great place to stand and screech all night long, or maybe your car was a good place to shit and lay down for a while.

It’s not even clear how they get money for their endless drug abuse, maybe they can’t and this is just an endless state of withdrawal. But they’re not functional enough to steal in any effective way, they can’t resell bike parts on offerup, they cant use a hacksaw for catalytic convertors, they just barely exist in the first place. They’ll scream names, they’ll scream gibberish, they’ll attack people, they’ll start fires.  And every liberal you know feels bad for them and any attempts to stop them from living the way they do is seen as inhumane.

The final new comer will be the drug dealer. They may be on drugs themselves, they might have a home or a camper. They don’t care about anything, they will push fentanyl to a 12 yo if they have $5-10 in hand or in stolen goods. They’re the most lucid of the “Homeless” but they’re also the most deadly. They have guns, stolen or legal, and they use them whenever they feel like it. Whether it’s to threaten some junkie whore into letting them rape her, or just to kill someone else exactly like them. You’ll have to hear about the rise in crime, you’ll have to worry about being out in areas where they are, and you’ll have to hear the gunshots.

100% of police presence will be wasted having to deal with them. And the public will hate every bit of it – they can’t get the police to come for property crime, and they hate that the police are “criminalizing poverty” by trying to stop merchants of poison. Because the drug dealing crusties blend in so well with the Land Pirates and Drug Zombies, the average liberal sees them as all just “poor people down on their luck living in a society”, and any attempts to curtail sale of infinite fentanyl will be seen as a human rights violation, or puritanical war on drugs, etc. Your new laws most likely have already helped them. They send their lackies out with the “legal” amount of drugs to possess and have them distribute it all before coming back for more.

This is where the Chesa Boudins of the world come from, despite the crime rate spike being obvious, they can artificially decrease it by just not charging anyone. Police stop picking people up, because they know they won’t stay in jail, and then DA stops prosecuting, so they aren’t considered “fascist” by the liberal populace.

So enjoy your three new types of friend. If you have them already, you’ll have more, they may not be from Vancouver, they may not even be from Canada.

>t. Born in Portland, finally got my cash and left last year.

Living near a city with a worsening drug problem, I have personal experience with the land pirate and zombie types described above.  They do indeed have ways of harming local businesses.  I’ve seen local businesses in an entire neighborhood go from opening as late as until 11 at night to mostly closing at around 6 pm, simply because the junkies comes out after dark and the police can’t do much about them.

If the businesses try to resist the theft or whatever other mischief the junkies commit against them, they’ll be held accountable instead.  So they simply close their shops after dark, in a manner akin to people from fairy tale stories avoiding boogeymen and monsters that comes out at night – and this is in a city that does not have any legally allowed amounts for hard drug possession.

It sounds like Vancouver have some bad times ahead.





Original screen cap:

legal heroin

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