When an Artist Gives up Halfway Through

An artist from Japan has the bad habit of losing interest in doodles they started halfway through, and finishes them up haphazardly:

An angry polar bear:

given up 01

A penguin reminiscent of the Gondola meme:

given up 02

A leopard looking a bit thuggish:

given up 03

Parkour goat:

given up 04

Raccoon turned out surprisingly normal:

given up 05

This bird got the short end of the stick:

given up 06

Half finished pig turned into a penguin family:

given up 07

Otter turned out well:

given up 08

This duck looks demeaned:

given up 09

Another Gondola creature:

given up 10

Lastly, a gator that looks like he’s ready to start exercising:

given up 11

Originally from social media if you feel like digging for more:


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