Sexual Selection for the Human Animal

A 4chan anon’s treatise on how men and women differ due to the process of sexual selection, and how it ties into human civilization:

Men are the experiments of human biology. Women are the control. Men vary far more widely on the scale of ability and intellect, while women represent a much tighter and smaller spread pattern. This is why there are many examples of male genius, but few examples of female genius. Feminism would have you believe this is because the female geniuses were passed over for being women, and continue to be to this day due to “systemic racism,” but this is not the case. They invent unnamed and unremarked upon genius to cover up the fact that said genius was never there to begin with. Systemic racism quite literally exists as a concept solely to plug a hole in the logical inconsistency with women still lacking in ability and intelligence even today, with rampant feminism and Affirmative Action. It is an invented conspiracy to avoid having to address the fact that their theory did not pan out when executed in reality.

Men are possessed of greater heights of intelligence, but are also cursed with deeper valleys of stupidity and incompetence. Women, by contrast, are deficient in genius outliers, but by the same token are spared being direly stupid. Men are very different from each other, in other words, while most women are relatively the same.


Men are the variables in the human experiment. Women are the controls. Because of natural selection, the most stupid amongst men are weeded out over time. Only the strongest, most intelligent, and most cunning men had a chance to breed.

This means that, over time, men have shifted farther towards their upper outlier edge. Women, by contrast, have remained approximately static, since in civilized society, all women have a relatively decent chance of breeding, and they are not selected for intelligence. Most likely, men and women were very similar in terms of intelligence and strength in the beginning. Over time, men have become larger, stronger, and smarter, while women have not. Sexual dimorphism does not happen in a vacuum. It occurs for a reason. This is the reason for ours.

You said that you do not understand how this works. Because of sexual selection, men have advanced, while women have not. That is the issue here. Men were selected overwhelmingly for positive traits. Women were hardly selected at all. Thus, the modern man is quite different from ancient man in terms of size, intellect, overall health, and ability, while modern woman is functionally the same in mind, body, and instinct to primitive woman.

This is why female sexual liberation is the death knell of every civilization that embraces it. This is hardly the first time it has occurred. Feminists pretend that it has never happened before, and claim to have been oppressed by powerful patriarchal forces since the dawn of time. This is patently untrue. Total egalitarianism, democratic suffrage, and female sexual empowerment has happened many times before. The reason there are no great feminist civilizations is not because of male oppression prevented them, but because female liberation destroyed them. They adopted ideological feminism, and then collapsed or were conquered by others within a few scant generations.

If women were truly the intellectual and ethical equals of men, this would not be the case. There would be many examples of feminist civilizations. Instead, there are none. This is the smoking gun that feminists and egalitarian refuse to acknowledge. They invent concepts and conspiracies like the Patriarchy and systemic ‘isms’ to ignore what is plain to see. The only feminist culture on earth is the one in South Africa, where men are controlled almost utterly by their women, and there you can see the wages of it. Even what scant intelligence the Negro naturally has is oppressed in his home environment by the rule of women who are, by definition, more incompetent than he.

cavewomen choose cavemen
Do cavewomen always go for cavemen?

When women are allowed to let their instincts (i.e. their “feelings”) decide for them, they choose sociopaths, murderers, brutes, and thugs. The instincts of a cavewoman will inevitably choose cavemen. Thus, society and the human species regresses instead of progressing.

If you want to fix women, you must give them modern instincts to match the modern times. The only way to do this is through selective pressure, both cultural and sexual. Women have never been pressured to be anything but fertile and willing, so they do not have these traits today. If woman is to be fixed, this must be addressed. Otherwise, women will never be anything but an albatross around the neck of humanity, best kept domesticated and indoctrinated, and never to be trusted with true freedom or liberty.

This was very thought provoking to read through. I do find one point disagreeable, however – precisely because women often go for the cavemen types (i.e, badboys, thugs, etc) when they have more freedom in choosing their mates, there are periods in history when men are selected for negative traits. This is certainly something that can be observed in present day western societies. Therefore, rather than men being always selected for positive traits and hence always evolving to greater heights, I think the evolution of men is at best, a two steps forward, one step back sort of thing.

On a more pessimistic note, it could even work more like a pendulum where the quality of men, in terms of intellect and character, simply swing around back and forth as civilizations goes through periods where female sexual liberation and feminism fall in and out of favor. I suppose this paints an overall even grimmer picture of humanity than the original essay listed above.

It’s interesting that the anon mentions that “Women have never been pressured to be anything but fertile and willing”, since that’s something one can see in the Ukraine war that’s been taking place over the past year. In the beginning of the war, women were evacuated first and pictures of them making funny faces as they try out exotic foreign cuisine in their new homes were fairly common on social media, while the men were forbidden from leaving and were drafted to fight in the war. Even if the war eventually got bad enough for the women to be drafted too, it still serves to be a pretty good example of the point made in the essay.





Original screencap:

sexual selection

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