The Covid Religion

covid religion 1An anon on 4chan observes how the Covid scares over the past couple of years bears an eerie resemblance to a new religious movement:

We are witnessing the birth of a new religion.

>baptism = vaccines
>hijab = masks
>priests = scientists
>tenets = CDC guidelines
>saints = Fauci, Gates.
>heretics = anti-vaxxers
>holy communion = booster shots

Adherents of this religion usually claim they “follow the science”. However, this is not true. Simple science based questions can make them irate. For example:

>why would people who have anti-bodies from
natural immunity need a vaccine?

They are not looking to engage in the scientific method. They are merely demanding you acquiesce to their religion.

covid interruptedAt the height of the Covid hysteria, significant portions of society (at least in the US) certainly behaved as per the above quoted post described.  It’s very curious to note, however, that the post was made on 4chan back in August of 2021.  Less than a year has gone by and the public fear over Covid have mostly faded away.  Instead, people are displaying the same level of hysterical emotion toward the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, because that’s where the main stream media have shifted their attention to.

Even as early as maybe 10 years ago, the main stream media did not appear to have this level of sway on the general population.  As an example, the controversy over the killing of Trayvon Martin occurred about 10 years ago.  Back then, despite attempts from the media, public opinion over the issue was fairly divided – significant amount of people did consider George Zimmerman to be innocent before proven guilty.  A bit over 5 years ago, with Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency, public opinion over Trump was also very divided (enough for Trump to have won) despite the media doing their best to paint the narrative their way.

Somewhere along the line, either the main stream media got a lot better at what they do, or the general population itself changed to be less discerning of the information they consume.  Either way, it’s a worrying trend.

Original screen cap:

covid religion

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