What Makes an NPC?

The “NPC” meme first came on the scene a few years ago and grew in popularity.  It’s been used to describe people who do not think for themselves or make their own decisions, and is something quite often used to mock liberals by the alt right.

Below is a different take on the NPC meme from an anon on 4chan, where the meme itself originated:

This is an unpopular opinion as it will directly address a large portion of people on this board but from what I have found, the true hallmark of the NPC is the person who has one set life path and never deviates, regardless of intellect or knowledge. Many of the most “redpilled” on here are mindless robots.

The life of the NPC is fatalist, the end goal is predetermined, which doesn’t always involve distracting themselves with goyboy entertainment, being a ‘normie’ or having any success in life. There are a lot of very intelligent NPC’s either miserably or happily plodding forward to their graves.

npc pictureThe 30 year old virgin who could have fucked a whore at any point in their life is an NPC.

the career criminal who would earn more at Burger King is an NPC.

All fat people who can’t put down their cakes are NPCs.

Everyone knows exactly what they need to do to change their life but for whatever reason NPC’s NEVER deviate off their course.

The reason so many of us see normies as being NPCs is because they don’t change anything, these people you can tell proven facts to, they can experience counter evidence to a worldview in their daily lives and still they won’t budge. At most, you’ll get an agreeing nod or they’ll feign interest just enough that you leave them alone, as the goal is to keep to their own path no matter what. They are NPC’s but they aren’t the only ones.

They exist on here, regardless of what people learn about the world they never change a thing about their lives, they don’t go find a girlfriend, they don’t get involved in irl politics, they don’t join the police or anything else. Other boards are more obvious than /pol, /fit is the worst offender for having a huge % of users who are fitness experts who just read, watch, read, watch, read etc and never lift a weight in their lives but know everything, the NPC changes nothing for the long term, short bursts of energy are all their programming will allow.

If you’ve ever uttered the words “you’re here forever”, you might want to go take a look in the mirror and ask yourself really why.

Though rough around the edges, the little essay above is very sobering to read through.  It is very easy for anyone, regardless of their political leaning or the amount of knowledge they’ve acquired (be it “redpills” about life or esoteric information from occult practices), to grow complacent.

A common mistake for people who have taken the time to learn and critically think is to comfortably judge those who are more ignorant or belonging to a different political spectrum as inferior, and yet to never utilize any of the knowledge they’ve acquired to make changes to their lives and actually make improvements to it.  This goes doubly so for people who are into the occult or alternative fields, where there are many fascinating topics to delve into, such as flat earth or alternative history (ancient aliens, Anunnakis, etc), that may not provide much usable info that can be immediately applied to improve one’s own life.

To go off on a tangent, whatever topic one chooses to study into, it’s helpful to frequently take a step back and try to digest and integrate the acquired knowledge into one’s own life, and critically ask – “how can these knowledge serve to make my life better now or in the long run?”.  Some topics may require a lot of time for one to slowly piece bits of information together to create something life changing, while others may simply be intellectual junk food.  The wise would be prudent in what they dedicate their time studying.

To get back on topic, though, the greatest fools of all tend to study all the right things and yet never acts on any of the knowledge they’ve acquired.  A true NPC as per the grave warnings set forth in anon’s essay above.

Original screen cap:

what makes an NPC

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