Outsourcing Judgment

An anon on 4chan asked a simple question, and received a very thought provoking answer:

>Do any of you have conversations with others only to realize that their ideas and talking points are not their own?

You’re living in a time where people are outsourcing their own judgment.

outsourced judgmentWhat I mean is that, we are in such an information-dense society that it is impossible to sort and make a judgment call on each and every thing we see and experience each day in a meaningful, nuanced way.

We’re also at a point in human history in which everyone’s condition has diverged to the point where two people from the same city, state, province, area code, can meet and have nothing in common. Our leisure activities are fractal nightmares, pushing us farther and farther down the rabbit hole.

It wasn’t like this even 200 years ago, where everyday life and leisure was still intelligible even across cultures. Now we sit in the darkness shitposting on a website for vietnamese field manuals. From this point onwards, we’re only going to have less in common every day.

So when people outsource their opinions, they do it to people they “trust.” People that they have either used their internal judgment on or people that have been approved by the common consensus, and they move with them.

Because it’s easier, because it’s faster, because there are x more judgments to make in the day and you weren’t thinking too hard about that anyway. It’s alright to just go with the flow, right? That’s what everyone else is doing. That’s why they hear on the news, that’s what they see in their “feeds,” it’s the small chatter they hear around them.

This is why it’s important to shift the overton window, because all of these people that are kicking and screaming right now? They’ll be pulled along with the current very quickly, and then there will be a New Normal, and a New Acceptable, and these people will change with the wind.

It’s worth mentioning that the little essay above was written back in 2016.  What it speaks of at the end about how people would easily go along with a “New Normal” presented by the media and common consensus is absolutely true.

I can remember as early as a year ago significant numbers of Americans were wary of the vaccines being developed by Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.  There were worries over corners being cut due the rushed development, as well as concerns over the more technical aspects of the mRNA delivery method of the vaccines and the constantly mutating nature of corona type virii making any attempts to vaccinate against them moot.  In short, there were much suspicion over the efficacy of the vaccines being developed, and the potential for detrimental side effects.

A year has gone past, and many of the same people who screeched against the vaccines being developed back then are now their most fervent supporters.  People are funny animals.

Original screen cap:

outsourcing judgement

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