Racism and the Devil

An interesting little essay on how the concept of Racism has taken on a supernatural level of existence akin to the Devil in the psyche of many who lives in western society:

Modern society may be officially materialistic, but this doesn’t stop humans from having immaterial experiences.

Some of the most potent immaterial experiences are the negative ones. Dread, rage, revulsion, terror. We become conscious, at times, of something sinister in reality. Something that is beyond our ability to confront.

It exists at the edge of our consciousness, and we never perceive it clearly. Like a shadow lurking in the darkness, just beyond what we can see.

red manThat something once would have been called the devil. When people these days hear that word, they think of something like a red man with horns. They miss what that iconography represented.

These days children aren’t raised to believe in the devil. But they are raised to believe in Hitler.

Even in a secular society, people can’t escape the reality of evil. They feel it, and conceive of it. But they lack the spiritual vocabulary to account for it.

So leftists come along and give them an account. They tell them there’s this thing called ‘racism’ that’s the most horrible thing in the world. It leads to death and mayhem and abuse and misery.

But a lot of things do that. To make racism special, to make it feel sinister, they left had to make sure never to define it.

There really isn’t any adequate definition for ‘racism’. Because it lacks definition, it becomes something ambiguous, amorphous. Like a Rorschach blot, you can read into it what you want.

And liberals have trained people to read into this blot their every intuition of evil. They see in it the devil they know exists but which their secular education denies.

Their conception of ‘racism’ in their mind is a vortex of fear and rage, cruelty, inhumanity and ultimately unintelligibility. Racism to them is the primeval darkness that stands opposed to order. It’s insanity.

People dislike being called racist, as it puts that image in their mind, of themselves being host to that evil, that unclean power upon them. They’re repulsed by the very thought.

People don’t even like to read or listen to people considered ‘racist’, as they’re afraid that the sinister power behind their words will infect them, that somehow they’ll suddenly be invaded, and transformed, from a good, liberal human, into a shade of abhumanity, a sharktoothed skinhead, a swastika-tattooed neonazi, hollow and soulless inside, whose only desire is to goosestep around shooting off roman salutes, and seeking little black and Jewish children to gas to death as he laughs with glee.

So they are horrified when the accusation is hurled at them, and do anything to duck it.

tl;dr Racism is supernatural evil to the liberal mind. Calling someone ‘racist’ is like accusing him of being a witch, in the days when witches were hanged.

Original screencap:

racism and the devil

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