The good employees are the first to be abused

Below is a brief statement by an anon from 4chan on his view toward work, which I find to be very true:

No matter who you are, you must understand that your goal is to obtain more money. It’s normal that your boss will try to pay you as low as he possibly can. He will also try to use you as a slave if you are dumb enough to accept it. It is your responsibility to demand more money, or to create your own wealth one way or another.

The good employees are always the ones who will be abused first. Your only duty is to yourself. You must acquire more money one way or another. Take everything that you possibly can, no one else will do that for you.

This is absolutely true from my working experience as well.  The employee who speaks up and tries to renegotiate their salaries tend to be the ones who are paid more.  The ones who keep quiet and to appear polite or try not to stir up trouble gets paid the much lower default amount offered to them.

Unpaid overtime?  Mandatory Saturdays?  If you don’t speak up, they’re tossed your way.  Speak up, and you get at least some leeway.

I’ll end this brief little message of mine with an article on something that happened recently, I think it’ll demonstrate the original point made by the anon I quoted above a lot better than my own examples:

FedEx worker froze to death outside an Illinois delivery hub

A FedEx worker froze to death outside an Illinois delivery hub this week as a polar vortex plunged the region into sub-zero temperatures, according to a new report.

william murphy
Picture of William Murphy, the deceased

William L. Murphy, 69, was found dead at FedEx Freight in East Moline on Thursday morning, Rock Island County Coroner Brian Gustafson told local TV station WQAD.

Another worker found Murphy’s body between two tractor-trailers, Capt. Darren Gault of the East Moline Police Department told the outlet.

Police said the weather “is being considered by investigators as a circumstance that may have played a role in the death, but a cause of death will not be available until after the autopsy next week.”

Authorities weren’t sure how long Murphy had been there before the discovery.

Gault said there were no signs of foul play and that the weather played a role in Murphy’s death. Temperatures in the region dipped as low as negative 33 degrees that morning.

Authorities were using security cameras around the facility to aid in their investigation, according to the report.

Why was William out there in that weather?  Is being a good employees that important?  Is it truly worth risking your life to meet your quotas and make sure that some anonymous stranger gets the gadget they purchased off of Amazon a day or two quicker?  This is where society and corporate culture has progressed to.

Original article found here.


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