Entity Banishment Experience – Memory Eating Astral Insects – part 6

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When I woke up I had a couple of very strong impressions and gut feelings.  My first gut feeling was that the school was injured.  Some kind of fight did occur during that dream, between the entities responsible for the “school” and the kid.  Regardless of whatever the fuck the school really was, it was hurt noticeably.  My second gut feeling, which felt like it simply came out of the blue, was that I needed to do banishing rituals.  The LBRP.  I needed to do it, do it well, and do it frequently.

Lastly, I simply felt good from the dream that I just woke up from.  I was used to my friends and various New Agey occult sources telling me that I needed to be respectful to all things spiritual.  To keep my head down, be nice, loving, and maybe co-exist with the school dreams I’ve been having.  Love and light is all you need to protect yourself, anger is bad.  The school entity certainly tried to use guilt and the ideas of co-existence to its advantage as well.  I was raised to be meek my whole life, and the concept of meekness seemed to follow me even on my modest journey into the occult.  Waking up, it felt really good that someone stood up for me.  Someone gave that “school” a savage beating like I thought it deserved.  I felt vindicated that my initial gut feeling of aggression was right after all.

At this point I started performing the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) every day, sometimes more than once.  It went from a formulaic thing I did occasionally because I was told to, to a ritual I did with fervor.  For the first time in my life I put my intention behind this ritual, thinking, hoping, commanding, roaring that whatever unwanted influence around me be gone as I performed it.  I thought of the myths of the angry Old Testament god as he destroyed entire cities like Sodom and Gomorrah, and tried to incorporate the very same anger in my rituals.

For the next few days or maybe week, as I performed the rituals daily, I felt invigorated and the frequent school dreams stopped completely.  I got lazy at this point and stopped performing the ritual for a day.  That very night I had a strange experience in a dream.  I was in an Asian styled city, inside an apartment complex.  A typhoon was about to hit the city, and people both prepared for it and were a bit happy too, for the inevitable day off.  It was an unrelated and somewhat happy dream with a festive vibe to it.  Suddenly in the middle of this dream, I sensed that the school was coming.  The same feelings and decayed, wrong vibes that I’ve come to associate with my strange school dreams suddenly showed up inside this dream, and were approaching quickly from a distance away.

white bugsAbruptly a staircase appeared in the floor of the apartment I was in, connecting where I was to the outside.  From the staircase poured a swarm of entities inside the apartment.  My notes of this incident were sloppy, but from my memory the entities were small, ivory white and insect like.  They had wings on which they fluttered and flied all around.  From amongst them a representative of sorts came forth.  It took the form of a fat kid named Jared, who was coincidentally (or not) the meanest and nastiest classmate I had from high school.  Jared is easily the one person who I had the most negative association with from my high school days.  This being, looking like Jared, spoke in a high pitched and angry voice.  My instincts sensed that this voice was male, it was just completely mismatched with Jared’s chubby, masculine frame.  It sounded like the voice of either a petulant little boy or a eunuch.

I did not understand a single word of this voice, but I somehow understood the intentions and emotions behind them.  The voice was berating me for what I have done.  It was angry.  But it was also now leaving.  Having said what it wanted to say, the entire swarm of insect-like beings flew out from the staircase to whence they came.  In the dream itself I was fearful and disturbed, and quickly woke up to record it.

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