Entity Banishment Experience – Memory Eating Astral Insects – part 5

continued from before

One day I was in the school dream once again.  This time the settings appeared to resemble my old high school, and thankfully was not particularly deformed.  To my surprise and delight the kid appeared right next to me as well.  We ambled down a walk way, going nowhere in particular, with me being simply giddy at seeing him again.  The impression I received from the general school environment felt electrified, like the building itself was tense and on guard.  A student from the school started following us, observing us from behind with an alertness I’ve never seen characters from the school dream exhibit.  A part of me suddenly became angry at this, perhaps I was tired of having to deal with it once again, or perhaps I was angry at the idea of the two entities, the school… thing and the kid somehow mixing.  I rushed up to the student and shoved or punched him.  This is the first time ever that I managed to successfully attack a being from the school.

The student was knocked down on the ground, despite looking male and reasonably beefy he was surprisingly weak.  Instantly I was assaulted with a mixed wave of strong emotions and stopped my actions.  I felt an overwhelming and exaggerated cocktail of feelings – guilt over hitting that student, fear over the trouble I would get in with the “teachers” or whoever was in charge, regret for my actions that caused all these emotions, and so on.  I was immobilized and preoccupied with these impressions for only a split second, when I noticed that the kid had rushed up to the scene as well.

curbstompThe kid from my experience has generally been a kind entity from whom I felt love and closeness.  Based on our conversation that was mentioned before, he seemed defensive and reverent of the dream/astral world.  Based on this I was expecting him to try to stop the fight or berate me for my aggression, just like my fluffy bunny and Wiccan friends did.  To my surprise, he did not.  Instead he continued the attack where I left off, and savagely pounded the student on the floor with his little fists.  He then stomped the student on his head repeatedly, with no sign of stopping.  I thought that the student would have died for sure if this should continue.

At this point I was downright afraid for the both me and the kid.  The same cocktail of emotions from before intensified their effects on me.  I was fearful that this was it.  We were both going to get in trouble with the people in charge now.  God knows what will happen with us, maybe expulsion (keep in mind I was easily 27 or 28 years old at this time)!  Maybe the police will be involved!  Authorities figures coming down on us like a ton of bricks!  For the first time in my life I resented the kid.

I was no longer able to deal with the fear and guilt.  I ran away from the scene of violence, leaving the kid and the student behind.  I proceeded to hide myself away in what appeared to be a janitorial closet next to a class room.  In the meanwhile, things appeared to have only heated up on the outside.  There were an impression of a great tumultuous conflict taking place outside of the pitch black closet where I was.  Ever watched those old Loony Tunes cartoon show when you were young?  With maybe Bugs Bunny or whoever else in them?  Often times they had a funny way of depicting a fight.  Instead of showing two beings fighting normally they might show a great cloud of dust with noise and angry grunting coming from it, and random bits of fists and objects/weapons flashing across said cloud, yeah?  The comical impression of such a cloud, and the same sort of angry, grunting fighting, was what I perceived as resonating through the entire school structure all the while I hid away in the dark like a coward.  Paradoxically at this point I was not entirely fearful and guilty anymore.  Part of me was once again excited and happy at the kid’s presence, waiting for his return in the dark.  Looking back, maybe this indicated that the school’s influence on me weakened.

At this point I grew slightly lucid in this dream myself, and got tired of hiding.  I easily walked out of the building (something that’s never happened before) and flew away.  The dream drifted more and more into non-sense, and for lack of a better description it felt like I was away from both the school and the kid.  When I was close to waking up I wondered whether the kid was doing fine.  For perhaps a second right before I awoke from the dream, I saw a brief image of the kid’s face flash across my mind’s eye, smiling.  It was almost as if he was saying that he was ok after all.

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