Entity Banishment Experience – Memory Eating Astral Insects – end

continued from before:

After this event I was actually very encouraged, since I saw a dramatic, positive and supernatural result from performing the LBRP.  I would continue to perform it on a frequent basis during this time period of my life.  To this day, I perform it somewhat regularly and it remains my go-to ritual whenever I feel unwanted spiritual influence in my life.  There were a few more times when I would dream of my old schools and be in a slightly twisted environment or feel negative vibes, but for lack of a better description these vibes felt residual instead of alive.  Like they were old pieces of rat turds left behind by rats who have since jumped the ship.  Over the next few months they were gone completely.  Comically during the year or two after this experience, I would occasionally dream of my old middle or high school classmates.  They would now look perfectly normal and human, but they often stood around in places where they did not belong, like old apartments where I lived and such.  It was as if the places where they did belong, my memories of the schools they were associated with, were not available.  I never dreamed of the actual schools I went to during this time.

I suppose I did eventually completely recover from whatever this insect swarm entity (entities?) tried to do to me.  Nowadays when I do occasionally dream of my old middle school or high school, the buildings and classrooms are present once again.  They look normal, as do the students populating them.  The dreams are generally positive or neutral, basically back to the way they were before I was influenced by this bizarre spiritual being.

endIt’s funny though.  Even in my early days of exploring spirituality, I’ve hung around on discussion forums for astral projection, where there were people talking about psychic self-defense and related topics – they had information that would have been helpful with my experience.  There were plenty of other people ready to dismiss these particular topics, though, stating comments such as “nothing can hurt you without your permission” or “love and light is all you need to protect yourself”.  I certainly sided with those guys and looked at the people talking about psychic defense and negative entities like they were paranoid nut jobs.  My fluffy beliefs formed at that time led me to be complacent and vulnerable to malicious spiritual forces.

To this day, I don’t know what the hell it was that attached itself to me.  A crafty astral parasite?  A singular being or many?  Either way it stayed with me for a long time, at least a year going by my notes.  The time period of my life when it was present was a very stressful time for me, during which I also had pretty bad health.  Perhaps it contributed to it, or perhaps the stress and ill health left me vulnerable and allowed it in.  It was also pretty sneaky.  Other negative entities and even just spiritual influences I’ve dealt with often just look like a single humanoid or animalistic being that’s there in dreams; this thing was a swarm that camouflaged itself in a way.  Looking at the crowd of deformed students I often saw in my dreams, I honestly did not think that every one of them was a part of the entity that was troubling me.  It was possibly pretty strong too; it took damage from a different being (guide?  Higher self?), endured an entire week’s worth of angry LBRP and was still able to come through to me in a dream for one last “Fuck You” before it left.

Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened to me if it had continued to do whatever the hell it did.  Would I have thought of my entire past as bad and trauma filled?  Would this have turned me into an oversensitive person who’s ready to snap at anything and everyone?  A person who’s practically a factory for negative emotions for it to feast on?  Would I have become a rabid SJW type of person?  Near the end, it tried to introduce themes of failure and suicide in my dreams, perhaps there were more to its strategies that I thankfully did not experience.

But god damn.  Long story short.  Do your banishings.  Do them regularly.  Do them with intention behind them.  I hope my own experience detailed here can prove useful or educational for other people.

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