Entity Banishment Experience – Memory Eating Astral Insects – part 4

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At this point I’ve started to consider the dreams as something potentially supernatural, and not just purely psychological.  I spoke to a couple of my friends about them.  One of them was a fluffy bunny type of New Age practitioner.  He was interested in spirituality and the occult, but had very little experience with them.  His view on spirits and such still dwelled on the whole “They’re nice!  Everyone is cool!” stage.  His view on my increasingly weird experience was that they were incredibly neat.  He found it even more fascinating I seem to be coming back to the same location in my dreams on a regular basis, claiming that a more experienced relative of his said it was an “advanced” thing to do.  He found my suspicions and attempts at aggression (some of which I have not written about here) toward characters from these dreams to be horrifying.

A second friend of mine was a woman with a Wiccan background.  This one is supposedly more experienced with these matters, but between them being an online friend only and her own guarded nature, she simply listened, politely said “weird” a few times and left the topic along.  One attitude she had in common with the fluffy bunny beginner, though, was that my thoughts of something being wrong with these experiences, and my sad attempts to stop them or act aggressive toward them were viewed as uncivilized and dumb.

“Spirits can do no wrong, always act respectful and loving toward them” – the same puzzling attitude was shown to me yet again.

Being treated as if these dreams are insignificant or even good, and that my suspicions and aggression were in the wrong simply left me feeling alone.  Friends and allies weren’t doing shit, and I’m in the dark as to what these dreams were and what I ought to do.  As an off tangent, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot of people dealing with similar things, who are similarly dismissed and struggle alone the way I did.  Some of these people may have been lost to whatever influence they were under.

In order to give background on what happened next, I must go off on a tangent and describe a different recurrent dream I’ve had over the years.  This recurrent dream features a person who would visit me from time to time.  They first showed up in my dreams very frequently within the span of a couple of months when I was in college, and have just visited on a somewhat regular basis since (couple times a year on average).  This person looks like a kid around the age of 10 or 11.  They appeared male, though in a later experience I learned they were more of an androgynous being.  They have a pretty strong sneaky/trickster vibe.  For the purpose of this article let’s just call him/them “the kid”.

Over the years, the kid has mostly just hung out with me; looking through my notes I see he’s been a guide for me while we traveled to a building I’ve never been to, been my partner in a competitive contest (where we both happily cheated), and as a companion going to the same place.  There were a few times when he would try to teach me about certain metaphysical topics (for example, reincarnation), but his lessons were always just over my head and hard to describe with words once I wake up.  Whenever the kid shows up, though, there’s always an overwhelming feeling of camaraderie and even love.  He simply feels like a really good, old friend, who does things the same way I do and that we’d know what the other was thinking before even the other did.  In short, he’s someone who I trust (I have tested him in the past, as well, and he passed with flying colors.)

Below is a summary of a conversation that took place between me and the kid during an astral projection from my really old notes, just to better demonstrate his personality:

From this point on we went on to walk around in the world that we are in, sort of touring the place.  It is a unique world onto its own, with its own rules.  At one point I waved my hand expansively at this world, and declared to him, “This ain’t real, you know.  I’m currently sleeping on my bed in the REAL world.”  He asked, “What makes this world any less real than the one you live in?”, to which I replied, “They don’t even eat food here, and the whole city’s built on top of a giant rock floating in the sky!”.  After hearing my reply, he sorta looked at me funny and said, “oh.”

The above might still be floating around somewhere online, since I did post about the kid and asked about him on some forums when he first started to show up.  I’ve gotten different answers, but the most common being he may be some sort of guide or perhaps my higher self.  I never really investigated this further; he just continued to show up and acted the same.  I just settled with the idea that he’s intimately related to me, trustworthy, and let that be that.

That’s quite a lot about the kid, however it’s important to give whoever’s patient enough to read this account a background on him.  See, at this point the school dreams appeared to be expanding and touching memories of parts of my life where I was happy, which I absolutely did not want it to do.  It had exhibited behaviors and responses that indicate it was an intelligent entity, or controlled by one, and not just a blind part of my subconscious.  It felt like its influence was steadily growing on me and I had no idea what to do.  It was at this time that the two dreams/beings interacted with each other.

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