Civilization as it begins and ends

A brief observation by an anon on 4chan:

I’m going to build on a post I saw earlier regarding the 1700s and now.

Civilization begins as:
>Rural – in the countryside, cultivating the land and harvesting the fruits of one’s labor.
>Nature – with which one lives in accordance, not a part from, and knows God through his gifts. He lives in accordance with the seasons and the forests, and he identities not only with blood, but also the land on which life is sustained. He has space to move, the air is clean, the sky is blue. And though beautiful, man in nature understands the brutality of nature itself – especially among the animals and foreign tribes
>Spiritual – which serves as a source of moral codes, truth, meaning, and creativity. Most major Greek play-writes appealed to Dionysius and the Muses for inspiration
>Local – localized, self-sufficient communities, where people could build relationships with one another. Familial and kinship relationships are most important.

Civilization as it ends:
>Urban – your living conditions are far away from nature. They are covered in trash, smog, foreign people who share no relation with you. The air you breath is polluted, and you are crammed into small spaces.
>The System – you are forced to work in a deeply complex system, over which you have no control. You cannot free yourself from the system, and this system ensures that you adjust yourself to its goal of production and homogenization of people and culture – through psychological technique mainly. You are a part of the mass, and atom.
>Nihilism – God is dead, and all things are meaningless. Confusion ensues as to what purpose you have in life, and no moral codes exist independently of social convention and government. Everyday life become difficult.
>Community – is broken down, and you use people instrumentally. Short lived relationships serve you temporarily. You cannot find a wife, as technology gives her far too many options from which to choose. Women are common property of the strong.

city state.jpeg

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