The similarity between a hyper-obese man trying to lose weight and working with demons

In my discussions with people on the subject of demonic workings, I notice that the majority of them have great misconceptions on how it works.  Working with a demon to accomplish a goal is not the same as getting a wish granted by a genie from a bottle; one must be prepared to work very hard too.  I will try to illustrate this with an example.

uribeThere’s a show on TV called “My 600 pound life”.  It features hyper obese people who are over 600 pounds trying to lose weight through gastric bypass surgery.  When they first learn of the surgery the majority of these unfortunate people tend to view it as a magic bullet – they believe so long as they receive the surgery, their troubles will soon be over and they will get back to living a normal, painless life.

However the story is much different when they visit the doctor.  The doctor would inform them that the surgery have limitations.  It is unsafe to be performed on people who weigh over 650 pounds or so.  Maintaining the weight loss after the surgery also require great changes in their eating habits.  What the doctor would always first prescribe for these obese patients is for them to lose some weight on their own, anywhere from 50 pounds to a couple hundred for the most serious cases.  The doctor would give them nutritional information and a diet plan which the patient have to stick with through their own efforts and pain – a lifetime worth of bad habits, often formed through emotional trauma, now have to be broken down.

The patients who have the will power to lose the recommended weight in the time frame specified by the doctor would be approved for the surgery, which is an extra help that will assist them to lose further weight.  The entire weight loss process, even after the surgery, depends first and foremost on the patient’s ability to work hard and stick with their plan.  At no point do these patients get a “freebie” from modern medical science.  Hard work and sacrifice is required for them to change their life for the better.

Working with a demon to accomplish any goal often work the same way.  Who you are at the beginning of the process may affect the likelihood of success – just like the 800 pound man must lose a bit more weight to qualify for the surgery than one who is 700 pounds, a person with a background and experience in business will have a better chance of making money through running business than someone without, even if both of them beseech the same demon for assistance.  That doesn’t mean you’re completely screwed if you’re the guy with no business experience, it just means you must be willing to put in even more effort to acquire the necessary knowledge.  Furthermore, regardless of your position in the beginning of whatever demonic deals you’ve made, you must then work hard to accomplish your goal; the demonic assistance you receive is meant to be an extra help, like the gastric bypass surgery, and not meant to be the sole force at work that you depend on.  I dare say that this is true for any other gods or entities you may choose to work with.

On a related tangent, the idea that working with any type of entities is like dealing with a genie from a bottle or a monkey’s paw is a very misleading idea that’s been spread by popular media.  It puts people in a frame of mind where they believe themselves to be helpless and useless, and any outside help they may receive to be both all-powerful and with evil strings attached.  It leaves you alone and fearful, should you believe in it.  The truth is that sincere help, be it mundane or spiritual, is easier to find than what one may be led to expect from media hogwash, but one must be prepared to work hard.  The fact that you can accomplish things through your hard work, and outside help is usually not enough for you to completely depend on, shows just how much more powerful you are than what the media or you may credit yourself for.



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