Overwork is the sign of a failing business model

“Overwork is the sign of a failing business model” – anonymous as far as I know.

The above is very true.  In the early part of my business when I had time to spare each day, I took that time and used it to improve the way we operate and to think & research on problems we faced, and produced solutions to them.  When the business grew to the point where I was busy all the time, working long hours and continuing to work at home and on weekends, I had no time to think.  Little problems and inefficiencies started to pile up until they were unbearable.  It was as if the grease that kept the gears of the business machine turning had dried up.

The same applies to life, which is so often intricately linked with our work.  When I was so busy with work that I had no spare time in my own life, little things started to pile up there as well, and mole hills, neglected over time, became mountains.  Am I getting fat?  Are all my rental properties up to code and legal?  Why is there always bubbles in my piss?  When I retired and had time again, I resolved the various issues facing me and now life is largely problem free again.

I suppose if you’re overworked in life itself, it too, is a sign of a failing life.


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