Do you sell your soul when you work with a demon?

Do you sell/lose your soul when you work with demons?

Short answer: hell no.

I get this a lot whenever I discuss my experience with demons online with other people.  I lied, my previous statement above is a bit misleading.

You see, very few people would actually ask me whether I have sold me soul or if working with demons would lead to such a thing.  Most people (other than the atheists) simply assume that your soul is completely lost once you have touched anything related to demons, and would accordingly show me great hostility.  Usually they just show the hostility or even concern toward me without elaborating why; without knowing why, I may very well show hostility in return or end up arguing with them over other issues without addressing this undertone that I failed to notice.

But no more.  A short while ago I posted a brief summary of my experience with the goetic demon Zagan online, and once again received hostility toward what I posted.  But by a stroke of good fortune the person also posted their reasoning behind their opinion, and I got to clarify some of the misunderstanding he had toward demonic workings.

Think of it this way.  Christianity is a religion where absolute obedience toward God is required.  You will obey God.  You completely belong to God, you are his.  People raised in countries where Christianity is the majority religion will have this mindset toward spirituality even if they are not religious.  To them, if you worship a god or work with any type of entity, you may very well be showing the same absolute obedience and black & white relationship with them.  Compound this subconscious attitude along with hysteria caused by Hollywood movies and popular media (for example, The Devil’s Advocate, the proverbial story of the monkey’s paw, and more), and you end up with people who genuinely think that you’re going straight to hell for receiving help from a demon.

To illustrate how working with demons is really like, I will use an example.

If I’m lost while I’m driving my car on a trip, I can stop and ask someone, maybe a gas station attendant for directions, or I can keep driving and hope for the best like I did when I was 15. I can drive aimlessly and maybe even randomly follow people who look like they knew where they’re going. Chances are I’d be lost for a long time if I do this.

Asking for help is going to get me much quicker to where I am heading than if I insisted on only working by my own knowledge and efforts. Asking the gas station attendant for directions doesn’t mean that I am now horribly indebted to him or have lost my soul to him.

I got him to help, and I gave him my thanks and maybe a couple bucks worth of tips.

In life, we stand on the shoulders of those before us all the time. In our interactions with people, we receive help and give help. It’s a give and take.

It’s a similar thing with working with entities or even gods of other creeds. They help you, you honor them.

I haven’t sold myself, I’m mine. It’s not a black or white, all or nothing sort of thing the way Christians or Hollywood movies like to make this stuff out to be.

Screenshot of part of the original conversation posted below:



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