The war on Christmas

The supposed war on Christmas has been mentioned in the news lately in the US, with the typical vows by politicians claiming that they will do something about it.

The war on Christmas, in this context, refers to the politically correct tendencies of media and organizations to make Christmas a generic holiday (supposed to be enjoyed by all and to offend none) instead of a religious one.  Quickest example to illustrate this point would be store clerks and other public workers being trained to say “Happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” to customers.

I do not like political correctness or the twisting around of words and meanings that sometimes comes with it.  However for people to complain about “happy holidays” being offensive or an attempt to corrupt their religion is just silly.

To look at things from a bigger perspective, Christmas has turned into a two month long celebration of materialism for quite a while now.  The advertising and shopping starts at the beginning of November, and the 60+ day period that follows is peppered by various quasi-holidays made by society in honor of shopping and greed.  You get Black Friday, Cyber Monday, sales before Christmas for people to buy their presents, sales after Christmas for people to get good deals on shit that hasn’t sold, new years sale, the sale after new years for more shit that people didn’t buy that you now get to buy cheap, and it goes on ad nauseum.

Furthermore, the “new” Christmas that is in honor of materialism is still growing.  Soon it will expand into October to include times before Halloween (still already kind of happening) , and will probably expand further into January as well.

Far be it for me of all people to be complaining about the corruption of Christmas.  It’s just funny to see people getting their panties in a bunch over “happy holidays” potentially corrupting their holiday and religion by association when it already has been very much corrupted by something else.  “Happy Holidays”, really?  You have bigger fish to fry, Christian-bros.

Or the newest iShit to buy.


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