Thoughts on “White Privilege Training” and “Critical Race Theory”

A very insightful treatise on Critical Race Theory and the racial based shaming that comes riding on its coat tails from Daniel Concannon, a public education employee who formerly worked in the Manchester school district in the state of NH.  This is an issue that this man was willing to resign from his job to … More Thoughts on “White Privilege Training” and “Critical Race Theory”

Feral Cats

Maybe culling all those feral cats wasn’t such a good idea, Australia: In Australia’s defense, if you pay close attention to government policies and politics in general, most western countries seem to operate in a similarly shorted sighted manner.

The Killdozer Saga

Three days ago, 6/4/21, marks the 17th year anniversary of the Killdozer rampage that occurred in Granby, Colorado. For those unfamiliar with this, below is a pretty decent summary of the events that transpired, whereby a single American man modified a humble bulldozer into a homemade tank, and the destruction that followed: Closer up picture … More The Killdozer Saga

“Not Like That”

Despite how corporations always harp about the importance of leadership and teamwork, there are certain sorts of leadership and teamwork they’ll stomp out like a rhino stomps out a fire: The woman’s facial expression in the third panel is the best.


Midwits – Those who are just smart enough to be taught to be fantastically stupid.  The rise of the internet has helped this particular subset of mankind to spread and gain influence.  Much of the crazier recent sociopolitical trends have midwits happily serving as their foot soldiers.  Below are some observations a rather insightful person … More Midwits

Racism and the Devil

An interesting little essay on how the concept of Racism has taken on a supernatural level of existence akin to the Devil in the psyche of many who lives in western society: Modern society may be officially materialistic, but this doesn’t stop humans from having immaterial experiences. Some of the most potent immaterial experiences are … More Racism and the Devil