Why Men Are Dropping Out

For a while now there has been a trend where a subset of young men in western society are not fully participating in society upon reaching adulthood, also described as a “failure to launch” by some psychologists.  These men tend to be unemployed or only minimally employed, and are usually not pursuing higher education or any sort of vocational training either.

While many alleged experts do a good job of describing what these men are or are not doing, few go in detail as to why these men act the way they do.

A while ago a video on this topic was linked on 4chan, and among the many responses to it, one anon’s stood out above the rest:

NEET pledge
The NEET pledge

All of this is largely garbage. Why are men dropping out? Because they have self-worth. Seriously. I’m pretty much a dropout by these metrics as well. I do have a job and I work, but beyond that there’s nothing, NOTHING that would make me participate in anything.

Women? Unreliable whores that use you as a mule or a tool. I see this with all my friends who got married and had kids. The light went out in their eyes, while the women basically do fuck all and just place demands and meaningless work on them.

Friendship? In the end even my old friends are here just because we trade favors and beyond that have nothing in common. Sad but true – friendship exists only in childhood.

The whole ordeal is a scam (society). It’s all about forcing men to work, to suffer, to be in agony… for nothing. For “approval” which is both fleeting and empty, and can be taken away by that same society. To be “a man” in modern society is to be a slave, and I refuse to be a slave. I work just enough for my food and bills, and my hobbies and interests are what I live for. Fuck everything else. This hell is your creation, not mine, and I refuse to participate. None of these psychologists, media figures, “experts” and governments care about you. They bitch about men dropping out because of GDP, pensions, “who is gonna take care of my kids” and similar shit. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR ME, and conversely I don’t care about them.

And I am happy. I lead a fulfilled life, I lack nothing. Dropping out is not a problem to be solved, it is the solution to the problem of modern pseudo-civilization and modern life. And people hate you for figuring this shit out. They hate you for not being miserable like them.

Also incel shit? Sex is overrated and women can’t cure your loneliness. Nothing can. It’s a fact of life, an underlying fact ordained by God himself. Deal with it and in due time it becomes a non-issue as well.

Very insightful, since usually videos and articles on this topic tend to pin the blame mostly on the men themselves, and see their behavior as a mysterious problem to be solved without going in much details on why the problem arose to begin with.

Below are some shorter responses to the same video that also offer a similar perspective from men on this issue:

Give me a reason to invest myself in a society that hates me.

I’ll wait.

“If a young man is not initiated to the tribe, he’d rather burn it down just to feel it’s warmth” -Afrikan proverb

Society: Shames and belittles men

Men: Isolate themselves

Society: You weren’t supposed to do that

It’s truly amazing how these supposedly intelligent people can precisely describe the so called “problem” yet are completely unable to figure out why it’s happening.

It isn’t a resistance to enter adulthood…

It is a resistance to subscribe to a system that only looks to exploit you.

Being early retired, I, too, probably qualify as some sort of societal drop out, and have no issue with my relationship, or lack thereof, with society at large. 

I can very well sympathize with many of these men – for them, modern day society, along with our bloated government, has evolved into a giant machine that seeks to just take without giving much back.

Original screen cap:

men dropping out





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