On MK Ultra and Human Perception

Two anons boldly proclaim that MK Ultra has succeeded without most people realizing it, and how they actually relates to the manipulation of human perception in plain sight.

The first anon claims to have worked on the project itself:

monarch butterflyI’ve been lurking here for quite sometime. Not CIA, but work for a shadow company. MK-Ultra succeeded and you guys never realized it.

We’ve worked on multiple projects related to the MK-Ultra program. However, it was never revealed to us that we were working on MK-Ultra. We deduced it once our projects were completed and our agency was decommissioned. There’s no threat to me for telling you what I’m going to tell you because the probability of reversing the effects of the program are negligible. It would be akin to reverting 325 million drug addicts into normal human beings.

Disclaimer: before you get your hopes high, I never worked on anything classified. Just research on cognitive evolution of human beings.

My colleagues and I studied the cognitive evolution of information processing in the human brain. Our goal was to weaponize our understanding of human cognition for information warfare with the soviets.

Time to jump into the rabbit hole. Here goes.

Our research showed that humans evolved to directly consume information – without any filters. Humans who processed information before internalizing it were more or less wiped out due to their low emotional responses – autism. We realized that emotions are an evolutionary mechanism by which humans make quick decisions – angry, punch someone.

However, by making a quick decision, the brain trades information. Thus, emotional responses consider only the smallest feasible picture – a guy punches me, I should punch him back – whereas, logically, emotional responses may not be the best decision – the guy may be the president and I’m now screwed.

We discovered that humans never evolved with video movies. Music and art has been around for a while, but movies were a game changer. Humans often confuse movies with reality.

Spike of Cowboy Bebop fame

You may act in a certain way because Spike, from Cowboy Bebop, did so. Even though you can consciously think that Spike is fictional, in the moment you may try to emulate him.

Emulation and emotions were evolutionary instruments developed by humans to survive. Emulate the most famous person so that your chances of getting wealth and power increase, and act emotionally on average because long term planning doesn’t work out for majority of the population.

CIA weaponized this via Hollywood movies. Most Americans now have a twisted view of reality. If Hollywood did not exist, then the preferences and ideals of current Americans would reflect their normal lives.

An extreme weaponization of our techniques involves indoctrinating people slowly, over time, with movies and fictional characters. Movie franchises, for example, accomplish our weapons very efficiently.

A simple example of how video movies subtly influence one’s view on reality is by first looking at the following style of movies, popular in the US in the past several decades:

star wars poster

Think back, on the movies in the above franchise and others like it.  Many such movies were made in the US, but the Star Wars franchise is probably the most representative.  They often feature very black and white morals, with characters being clearly depicted as either good or evil.

Now look at the following tweet from George Takei, made regarding the Russo-Ukrainian conflict near the beginning of the war:

russia stand behind

This is the type of attitude a person with a very twisted view on reality might make.  A complex geopolitical conflict with many actors participating within, each with their own goals, costs and profit they hope to gain from the situation, gets reduced to a childish Good vs Evil conflict.  If one understand the above tweet as being written by someone who’s been raised on media such as Star Wars all their life, then suddenly it makes more sense.  It’s no longer rage inducing ignorance, but more of a pity inducing one.

The second anon similarly believes that MK Ultra is simply the manipulation of human senses and ideas of reality via video movies, but goes into a lot more details on how it works and provides many brutal examples:

You think MK ultra was about dosing people with LSD and using electroshock therapy? Or putting Illuminati symbolism in Lady Gaga music videos? All misdirection. “Official documents” put forth by FOIA say that MK Ultra failed.

>oh, we were never able to create sleeper agents who could be activated by saying a random string of words, tee-hee!

That’s all bullshit. Why do they need sleeper agents to be activated when they can assassinate people in a thousand different, untraceable ways? The real goal of MK Ultra was mass mind control, and contrary to popular belief, it was UNBELIEVABLY SUCCESSFUL.

MK Ultra may have subdivisions of research, but its primary method of mind control is video media. Why? Because out of all forms of media (text, audio, pictures, etc) video media has the most powerful effect on people and groups of people. From now on I will refer to video media as “movies”, but it includes TV, advertisements, ticktocks, etc. Research has shown that when different people read the same thing, they can form VERY different opinions. However when different people watch the same video, they usually cluster closer into forming similar opinions.

1) Humans are unable to distinguish between reality and movies. Everyone will say they can because they don’t want to sound dumb, but our brains did not evolve to process movies. We literally think they are real unless we consciously make an effort to separate them from reality, which basically no one does because no one thinks that we think movies are real. In fact if you tell someone this, they will probably mock you for being low IQ or something and being unable to understand that “it’s just a movie, man”…. Yes, you probably don’t think that Thanos is out there cruising the universe for the infinity stones… but…

2) SUBCONSCIOUSLY you absorb all the behaviors and attitudes of protagonists in films. Human beings are evolved to emulate people who are socially successful, wealthy, beautiful, etc. This is an evolutionary survival strategy because it works in real life. If you emulate how Jeff Bezos behaves (in that he’s a cut throat, megalomaniacal asshole who crushes competition and isn’t afraid to literally take what he wants, who studies people’s flaws and exploits them for his gain, etc) you will probably be successful. Or if you emulate your local business owner with a great work ethic who works 7 days a week and focuses on nothing else than his business, you will probably be successful.

But what do movies do? They present you with a fictional character who is usually very socially acceptable. The problem? You will try to emulate this FAKE BEHAVIOR which fucks you over in real life.

sex and the cityI’ll use women as an example, but men also are vulnerable to this (though less). Sex in the city was legendary in how it turned an entire generation of women into 45 year olds with no husband or kids, bitter, angry, psychotic, addicted to wine and prescription pills, and hateful of the world and of men. This tv series shows women, 4 very socially successful characters, bounce around New York high society, fucking chads and living their dreams and doing whatever they want, and in the end it WORKS OUT FOR ALL THE CHARACTERS. Therefore women decided to emulate this “successful” behavior and it ruined their fucking lives.

What about for men? Men might look at someone like Tony Stark and think that it is realistic to be some kind of super genius who can solve anything instantly and create anything they want. Or they might look at someone like Vin Diesel in fast and furious and think that it’s good to “never back down from a challenge” or shit like “muh friends are muh family and they always come first”. These things are NOT true in real life, but many men believe them because they have subconsciously absorbed “successful” social behavior from movies.

3) Movies can do this to you because they literally create false memories. MOVIES CREATE MEMORIES IN YOUR HEAD, THAT ARE NOT REAL AND NOT BASED UPON THE RULES OF REALITY. Once you understand this, you begin to realize how fucked up everyone is since everyone consumes like 50+ hours of media a week. People spend more time watching video media than they do interacting with real people, which means that people have MORE FAKE MEMORIES THAN REAL ONES. This is not good.

fantasy blacks
Fantasy depiction of black people

Think about what is happening with black people. In real life, reality, no one fucking likes black people. They are dumb, dirty, loud, disrespectful, violent, will steal, etc. and literally are a nuisance to be around… but why is everyone so sympathetic to them? Because MK Ultra has created false memories in your head about black people.

EVERY SINGLE BLACK PERSON you see in media is some doe-eyed Daniel Kaluuya type retard who is soulful, resourceful, noble, kind, can do no wrong, and is a victim of white racism. EVERY SINGLE black person you see in advertisements are basically white people with black skin. Black people are portrayed as angels in media and they are never morally corrupt and if they are it’s because of what whites did to them.

FAKE MEMORIES about blacks have been put in everyone’s heads, which is why liberals (most people) cannot see reality and push for more diversity, more immigration (only from black and brown nations though… weird). Everything literally believes that blacks are only down because they are oppressed by whites, due to fake memories, why is why everything is so fucked up right now such as universities removing SAT score requirements and such.

sjw marketing 14) Blacks. I think that black people are the most targeted and most affected by MK Ultra. This is probably for many reasons (blacks have lower IQ, easier to trick, easier to convince, they also don’t read anything and all their information is obtained through video media).

Black people are literally trained by movies/tv/advertisements to react negatively to white people, or anybody, for the slightest perceived infringement on their blackness or for one iota of perceived racism.

In real life, if someone accidentally says something that offends you, you just ignore it and continue on. Yes, what they said might have been rude, but if you flip your shit people will just think you’re a retarded dumb ass who can’t control your emotions, is childlike, and can’t be trusted with serious matters where people need to keep their cool even if something offensive is said… which is what literally every single human being thinks of black people in 2022.

If you say anything that is even remotely perceived as racist/offensive to blacks in real life, they will flip their shit and challenge you. This makes people hate black people, and black people were mind controlled into doing this by repeated viewings of “socially successful” black people in their false memories created by movies. Black people WERE NOT ALWAYS LIKE THIS. They were always dumber and more violent than other races, but this new social aggressiveness where everyone has to walk on egg shells around blacks is NEW.

angry-sjw5) Women. I think everyone here understands what MK ultra has done to women. It makes them hostile towards men, unhappy (because in reality, 95% of women will not be more happy with a career than they would be mothers and married to a decent man), and single and childless well into their 40s.

>but this is impossible to do

Not really. Very few people can ignore or filter out the delusions of mass media entertainment. 1) Because they are literally never exposed to genuine conspiracy theories and don’t have a critical thought process 2) they are too burdened by the grind of life to think about this kind of shit, so they just go with “the flow”.

Well, MK Ultra controls “the flow”. 5 libtard media companies control everything, and then there’s fox news. Fox news only exists as a ping pong paddle to hit the ball back to the liberal media conglomerates. No real ideas or perspectives are ever discussed on Fox, it’s all just reactionary and inflammatory. It is completely useless as a thought vehicle and traps people into being passive viewers of the MK Ultra agenda. It just exists to catch all the people who weren’t caught by Disney, CNN, MSNBC, etc.

This all really started taking off in the 60s (when MK Ultra was started), but it hasn’t gotten seriously ridiculous until about 10 years ago. Social media, “binge watching” streaming services, etc all kicked this into over drive. Watch a video of someone talking from the 60s, 70s, even 80s. They sound clear headed and “one” with reality. Now look at someone talk now a days, they literally sound like brainwashed delusional retards BECAUSE THEY ARE.

Despite the long list of complaints against black people, the above anon’s treatise and examples sadly make a lot of sense.  They do a decent job of explaining the increasingly nutty behavior of modern day people. 

Generally, I’ve found watching movies and media from different countries to help with the phenomenon mentioned in the two above writings.  Finding propaganda in foreign films helps one find them in films from one’s native culture, and whatever filters or beliefs you pick up from foreign films have ways of competing for mental space with the stuff you pick up from your native media.

From my own personal experience, I too, have stumbled upon attitudes and filters that was placed in my own subconscious from popular video media.   There are occult techniques that can help you detect and specifically remove these sorts of false beliefs, but they are better off discussed another day, since this post has gotten long enough as it is.


Original screen caps:

human filters

mk ultra fake memories



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