An All Potato Restaurant and an All Potato Diet – When Truth Becomes Stranger Than Fiction

Found floating online is the following vintage advertisement for a restaurant that serves nothing but potato dishes:

potato restaurant

The ad turns out to be a fake.  Mickey Rooney’s Potato Fantasy Family Restaurant has sadly never existed.  Proving that life is stranger than fiction, though, someone have tried an all potato diet for close to a year in the past:

“Make your food boring and your life interesting.” That’s one lesson Andrew Flinders Taylor points out in a Youtube video he posted in December 2016, where he detailed all of the things he learned after eating potatoes for every meal, every single day, for almost a year.

An all-potato diet sounds crazy, but for Taylor, who weighed in at 334 pounds when his experiment began, it led to noticeable results. The Australian native dropped 117 pounds after one year of what he calls his “Spud Fit Challenge.”

“My Spud Fit Challenge was only ever intended as a short term intervention to treat my own food addiction,” Taylor said in an interview during November 2019. ” My behavior with food mirrored that of an alcoholic with drinking so I decided to get as close as possible to treating it with the same abstinence model: I quit all food except potatoes.”

Apparently, the all potato diet was a good enough success for Andrew’s weight loss goals that it was commercialized as a diet coaching business.  We live in a funny world.

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