Dad’s Stash

A young child from a family in China was playing in her home’s living room, when she accidentally broke a giant Bearbrick (aka BE@RBRICK) figurine in their living room.  To the mother’s surprise, large wads of cash came spilling out of the now broken bear:

dads stash

Upon verifying with the husband, the mother confirmed the cash turned out to be his own private stash, hidden away in what he thought was the safest place.  Apparently he was then made to kneel on a couple of powdered milk cans as punishment:

dads stash02

I have no idea if the milk can kneeling was a tongue in cheek stunt done for humor or a serious punishment levied on the husband for keeping his own secret stash of spending money.  If it was the latter, then I truly feel sorry for him. 

Either way, though, it’s not uncommon in some Asian cultures for the wife to control the family’s finances after the marriage, only giving the husband a tiny fraction of his salary as an allowance, which sometimes lead to this sort of situation.



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