On Humiliation – How You’ve Been Groomed to Accept Totalitarian Rule

A 4chan anon analyzes recent social trends from a very different angle – where strange or degrading social trends are not just a side effect of greater social-economic issues, but the main goal of those in charge in an attempt to humiliate the general public for more insidious goals:

“You’ve been groomed to soon accept totalitarian rule”

Nothing about the world we live in will ever make sense to you unless you understand you live under an occupation and are thus subject to the rules of the occupiers.

If you do not start from there, you will search for multiple explanations and rationalizations that will lead you to ineffective ends. You are not an active participant in politics and public debate, you are its problem.

Public debate is debating why you’re the problem, politics is about dealing with that problem. The opposition in debate simply offers an alternative path to your destruction, the end goal is never resisted.

Therefore you cannot seek to influence the debate or enter politics.

Your humiliation is the enemies goal. To take a hit and fight on is honorable. To take a beating every day is just sad.

Humiliation robs you of your humanity, your will, your reason to fight on. Humiliation takes everything from you and debases it in front of all, it robs you of being worthy of empathy. It has been used by every occupier in history, it’s our natural primal understanding of defeat.

How does a Child Drag show honor 9/11?

The Ottoman practice of Köçek was an ultimate example, similar to the concept of “Drag Kids” in modern America. Köçek were a combination of dancers, clowns and prostitutes, they were young non-Muslim boys taken from their parents and trained to be willful sexual objects… and entertainers for the Turks.

The goal was to have the occupied think “if we allow that to be done to our boys what else can they do?” The answer is anything. It is full spectrum domination of the conquered’s mind.

Your enemy doesn’t want gay pride parades in your street, drag queens in your adverts, your son transgender, your parents dead from opioids, your daughter in porn, your meat replaced with bugs all while your media laughs at you because they think it’s for anyone’s benefit.

They want it because they know you don’t want it but can’t stop them. They want to break your will so that you lose faith in your autonomy.

And this occupation is a global order. Every nation, creed and color live under the banner of the cabal now. Even Israel, who often shoulders the blame for what’s happening is subject to the same debasement as the rest of us.

Ethiopia, Africa’s heart and soul is being fattened up for slaughter, which will send more refugees to Europe than ever before in history. In the Muslim world Assad will now be facing the full might of an invasion force by our occupiers, who’ll enslave Syria just as they did Iraq.

It’s a matter of when, not if they’ll come for what you value the most. The same elites who push depravity don’t drink their kool aid. They get to live however they see fit, and raise their children in the healthiest environments possible away from the hellscape they’ve created for you.

When the swing from chaotic to totalitarian comes, and make no mistake it will come soon, it will be brutal, and those who have worked to help bring this regime into power by causing chaos will be the first to be crushed. Prior to that swing, there will be unprecedented violence. The coming months will be particularly devastating.

Look how we’ve lived for the past few years. We’re being groomed to fight each other.

People are irritable, cornered, and robbed of their dignity and have nowhere to point their fingers. Parents are overworked and have little to no say in how their kids are raised anymore. Carnal values are being pushed and decadent celebrities are idolized and given unwarranted social standing. Individuals are atomized. Men and women pitted against each other. Racial grievances are used by malevolent forces to divide and conquer.

“Politicians are all retirement age with semi-functional brains.”

Politicians are all retirement age with semi-functional brains. The youth are unemployed and have no stock in the future.

There’s a global disease of spiritual rot. We’ve been suffering for it for decades now. Like HIV it’s left our collective immune system compromised. Corona exposes how bad it’s gotten.

And of course the fighting that starts here in the U.S. is set to spread like a fever to the rest of the world.

Some may attack public figures thinking they’re targeting the elites who brought this occupation upon them, but such efforts would be immoral and futile. Elites’ visible puppets (celebrities, CEOs, politicians etc.) didn’t design the system. For better or worse, they can only take advantage of it.

When the actual elites who are smart enough to avoid the public eye are done using the angry and desperate to cause chaos and clear the way for the new system, they’ll bring the hammer of God down upon them and enslave humanity in their planned global panopticon, and then go back to raping the planet and its people for resources and their usual degenerate surrogate activities. Someday they may decide they’re done using us altogether and ascend to the stars or whatever they have planned, but for now they need serfs.

woke problemThe west may look like its collapsing now, but what’s actually happening is the elites are in the process of changing their style of governance from semi-feudal to this totalitarian regime that I’ve outlined.

After the violence has been crushed, law and order restored and people have finally lost faith in freedom, you will see America begin to act like the empire its owners have always preferred it to be.

The Patriot Act will look like child’s play compared to what’s coming. You will see Red Terror levels of attacks on ideological outsiders. You will see people humiliated, depersoned and actively pushed towards self destruction and suicide. You will see family and friends weaponized against dissidents in the most brutal fashion. It will be assumed that the purged aren’t human for society’s sake and if you aren’t condoning this purge actively that you won’t be either; so everyone will join in thinking it’s a good thing. Then will come a return to imperialism.

While in the past there was a need for some plausible deniability when America went to war, now the American public will no longer be in a position to organize mass protest against a government they perceive as its sole protector. America’s unholy backdoor affair with China will be covered up by the veil of a new cold war. In actuality our elites collaborate with theirs and have long envied their level of control over their people. You will see the elite of your nations and the Chinese ruling class sacrifice their own populations in a devastating war that blocks out the sun and leaves the world in ruin. Such a war would break the spirit of all peoples on this planet, reduce our access to technology (but not their’s) and reduce us to a lowly, dependent and easily governed state.

One day you will wake up and find that people who were once alive and spirited are becoming slavish and submissive, and that if you don’t join the crowds you’ll be feared and hated.

You are occupied. You are controlled. You will be broken. You will be humiliated. You will be feared. You will be hated. You will be commodified. You will be ruled as if you were unworthy of your birth.

And it will be blamed on you.

A very interesting essay, I find the point the author made on humiliation to be very on point, both its historical and modern usage.  The general public, too, have certainly been groomed to be more hostile to each other over the past decade or so as the essay describes.

In the recent years, between vaccine passports, high inflation, the war in Ukraine and a potential war against China in Taiwan, it certainly feels like those in charge have been trying to create problems whose solutions would conveniently grant them more power and control over the everyday people.  Some of these attempts, such as the attempted implementation & spread of vaccine passports, were stopped by the people (i.e, Canada’s trucker protest). 

It would be interesting to observe what sort of problems gets trotted out to the forefront in the future, and the outlandish solutions they may come with.  Hopefully it does not fully descend to what the end of the essay was predicting.




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