Sashimi Ennui

A strange tale of a restaurant owner lamenting his own booming business:

76 year old Takashima owns a restaurant, Yamato Tonkatsu, which specializes in tonkatsu (Japanese styled fried pork chops) in the city of Kawasaki, located in the Kanagawa prefecture of Japan.

He was interviewed by a TV news station recently, and the tale unfolds thusly:

sashimi 01
Restaurant owner, Mr. Takashima

sashimi 02
The signature pork chop platter from the restaurant. Truth be told this looks very delicious, especially at the rough cost of $9 USD.

Come peak dining hours, the restaurant is jammed full of customers.  Ordinarily this would be a good thing, but something about the situation has gotten Mr. Takashima in the slumps: most of the customers are there for the sashimi, and not his signature pork chops.

The customers, when interviewed on the matter, would offer responses along the lines of “The sashimi here is super delicious” or “You come here for the sashimi”.

sashimi 03
The owner/chef preparing a customer’s order in the kitchen. The words below roughly translates to “conflicted”.

sashimi 04
Sashimi platter from the same restaurant.

As for the matter of why a restaurant specializing in fried pork chops would start offering sashimi to begin with, Takashima remorsefully explains that he used to enjoy boat fishing as a hobby.  He would frequently catch too much fish, and started selling his excess catch in the store as sashimi.  He did not expect the sashimi to catch on with the customers, and now there’s no way for him to stop selling them.

sashimi 05
The restaurant during a fairly busy time. If you enlarge the image and look carefully, you’ll see that almost everyone has a sashimi platter. No pork chop in sight.

“This is my greatest mistake”, says Takashima as an ending statement for the interview.

Personally, I think if the restaurant’s business is booming and money is rolling in, then all is well.  Then again, perhaps Takashima is pursuing something more than just profit from his pork chop shop.

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