Littering Punishment

A Romanian anon tells the tale of how the people in his little town got around draconian new laws their town imposed on littering:

litteringMy town is pushing an aggressive agenda against littering. You get like 1000 euros fines for doing it. What did my big brain townsmen do to avoid the fines? Naturally they hire Pascai, Pascai is a guy who went insane years ago. Since he is insane you can’t punish him, you could but its not worth the effort, so everyone pays Pascai to throw trash everywhere. His most impressive drop was a dead horse that he put right in front of the “welcome to town” sign.

A friend of mine works at the police, people call to tell them if someone is littering.
>there’s someone throwing trash here
Okay, is he using a red wheelbarrow?
>yes, how did you know
It doesn’t matter madam we’ll be there soon.
>okay thanks

Then he tells the others that its Pascai and they dont even bother to go and talk to him anymore after the dead horse incident.

ungovernableThe townsmen outsourced their lawbreaking to a single person, an insane man, who was immune to the effects of punishment from the legal system.  They beat the system.  Although I’m sure the town is now much trashier because of it, I can’t help but feel there is an important lesson in this story somewhere. 

Some way for people to beat corrupt governments or big bureaucracies when it matters?




Original screen cap:

littering punishment



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