On the Degradation of Language

An insightful essay by an anon from 4chan on the changes to modern language over the past few decades:

reading catAn important and oft overlooked mission of our enemy is to defile our language.  Language is incredibly important, and English is, or at least was the most diverse and expressive of all languages allowing speakers to convey all manner of meanings which in turn allowed them to perceive of the world in a more thoughtful, knowledgeable and broad way. This gives the speakers the ability to more fully comprehend what is going on around them, it allows them to be able to have vastly more categories to put something in, to understand something more clearly.

There is a deliberate attempt by our foes to reduce language as much as possible. It started with simple things like “envy” and “jealousy”; jealousy is supposed to mean that you feel pride/devotion/protectiveness/loyalty/vigilance over something that belongs to you. God being “jealous” was a positive thing, it showed that He was loving and devoted and willing to fight for what belonged to Him. Envy meant to covet/desire something that you cannot have, evoking feelings of bitterness and spite, as well as contempt for the rightful owner. Today the two have been reduced to meaning more or less the same thing, with there notably not being a “positive” word to convey a desire for something that belongs to you.

We see this play out on a much broader level today with words like “nazi”, “fascist”, “alt-right” as well as “socialism”, “tolerance”, “diversity” and “equality”. None of these words mean what they used to, they are all largely abstract terms that broadly mean “something good” or “something bad”. All nuance is lost, to the extent that many people today equate the word “intolerant” with “hate”, and “tolerance” with “good”. To tolerate something must mean that you initially find it distasteful, and should it be revealed that we were only “tolerating” homosexuals in the original meaning of the word as in we find it to be something negative but put up with it anyway, we would no doubt today be called “intolerant”; which just shows how degraded these words have become.

With the masses largely thinking in abstract black and white terms they have become very easy to control. It also works very well against the educated who would use the words properly. No longer can we refer to ourselves as “jealous” or “intolerant” in a positive way, for those words will be understood by prospective allies as meaning little more than “petty and hateful”.

The degradation of our language is near certainly one of the primary objectives of the great enemy. We should make an effort to bring back the true meaning of these words. The common normalfag likes to believe itself enlightened and still virtue signals about their high regard for literature; we should abuse this by force-feeding them the true meaning of words and making them realise the often negative aspects of their approved news speak, whilst showing the positive aspects of those terms used most often to demonise us.

Original screen cap:

language degredation

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