SJW Marketing

An older essay from someone who worked for a marketing agency that has steadily made money from the SJW crowd since long ago:

I used to do some work for an agency that specifically targetted SJWs. They were basically liberal, middle-class, university educated white women and their low-status male admirers. It is profitable. They do spend lots of money. Most of the famous SJWs are trust-fund babies. The working SJWs (and there are plenty) aren’t as loud and don’t spend so much time begging for you to supplement their trust fund or to fund their cutting edge game, made in game-maker, about being cat-called (games are art and therefore don’t have to be fun, shitlord).

They are the types of people who buy “male tears” mugs or t-shirts with “smash the patriarchy” written on them or a quilt with “die cis scum” embroided on it and then post photos of themselves on Tumblr (with a referral link to where they bought that item).

One of the things about the agency’s target demographic was the amount they would spend on worthless shit. Not only would they buy it, they would then tweet about it and write about it on their Tumblr and Facebook. They would post pictures of themselves with the item they’d been sold (by an entirely male-owned company), which led to more sales of these high-profit-margin items. These people are prolific consumers. They click ads, they fall for fake marketeer profiles because they hear what they want to hear. They are a money maker. They’re the left’s equivalent of people who’d buy anything with an American flag on for the years following 9/11. They’re people who you could market an item to by putting the prefix “Freedom” in front of a product name. They’re just like the people who’d buy any old shit with a bald eagle on it. They are just like the people who buy “from my cold dead hands” pro-gun bumper stickers. They’re a demographic that want people to know their opinions and wear it on their sleeve and on their car.

They are a demographic that reddit wants. Reddit exists to make money (which it has failed to do so far). They are a demographic that 4chan wants. Moot wants to make more money and he isn’t going to do it through bunch of tech-savvy geeks who love piracy. Reddit and 4Chan don’t want people who know what Adblock is. They want people who will buy a t-shirt made in a Taiwanese sweatshop with a pro-feminist message on it (and 500% mark-up). How do you attract those people? You pander to them. You make spaces safe so that they’ll come in. You cleanse your site of the “undesirables” that are there so that they will come and spend.

What we’re seeing here is a kind of gentrification of high-traffic parts of the internet. These sites want to make money and they’re not going to do it through some ad-block, VPN, piratebay, google-fu expert who posts things that makes the ladies want to faint.

You see this sort of thing in music festivals. The festivals are made good by members of the counter-culture, but when the festivals start attracting big names, suddenly ticket prices climb, drugs are banned completely, nakedness, improptu perfomances, and general anarchy are stopped and it becomes some homogenised, middle-class-mother-friendly pop concert with Hummus everywhere and excellent baby-changing facilities. Why? Because dirty hippies don’t spend as much money as middle class moms and university-educated white girls.

Original screen cap:

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