Why Communism Fails to Evolve

A brief treatise on why Communism does not appear to grow as an ideology:

Has is ever occurred to you that the constant refusal to acknowledge the fact that Communism HAS been tried is the exact reason why the ideology is untenable?

When Capitalism fails – and it has before – we do not say that it was not Capitalism.  We observe the events and try to find a solution to them, we modify our thesis and continue the experimentation.

communistsCommunists however have this atrocious habit of denying reality.  Lenin was a communist.  Stalin was a communist.  Mao was a communist.  When faced with the disastrous consequences of their reigns, rather than accept that maybe Marx was a lazy pseudointellectual NEET who never held a real job in his life and had no idea as to how labor and capital actually functioned in a healthy society, instead the communist demagogue retreats back to the nonsensical claim that they weren’t “real” communists, and that therefore they cannot be used as a rationale for why communism is a failed ideology.

The result of this is that the primary advancements in communism haven’t been to develop the actual theory and methodology of the ideology, but rather to find new and inventive ways of tricking people into implementing it to see if it will work out this time.  This is why we went from the Industrial Vanguard to the Agrarian Vanguard to the Fabian Vanguard and so on, and it is why we are now knee-deep in Marxist pseudointellectualism in academia, still constantly pressing the Marxist ideology in disguise.

It is precisely because you ask that question that Communism will never work.  It HAS been tried, but rather than admit that it is broken, you simply try to trick people into trying the same, broken system again and again, each time expecting a different result.

Have you ever heard the buzzphrase “Leftism is a Mental Illness”?  There’s a reason you hear it so often.  It’s because there’s a word for the act of attempting something over and over the same way, expecting a different result.  It’s in the dictionary.  It’s called Insanity.

Originally found on 4chan as a response one anon posted to another’s question, original screen cap here:

communism fails

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