Hell Hath No Lunch Like One Made by a Woman Scorned

A Japanese gentleman recently had a fight with his wife.  The day after, when he’s getting ready to eat his lunch at work, he finds the following tragic lunchbox, which he shared on Twitter:

An empty lunch box with only a pair of chopsticks inside. The little container for the chopsticks themselves was instead filled with a tiny bit of rice, some sesame and a single sour plum.

A young man still attending school shared a similar story with a lunchbox he received from his mother the day after he had a big fight with her:

Nothing but rice with two angry faces drawn with ketchup on them.

A third gentleman, who is once again a working aged adult who had a fight with his wife, probably takes the cake with what he received:

A lunchbox filled almost to the brim with sour plums, with a single tiny wad of rice in the middle.

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