Anon bonds with a Toy Figure

An anon talks about how he became attached to a toy figure he originally bought to resell:

I had that problem once, sort of.

There was a guy on the BST selling his figma Bride Saber for $50 and at the time I knew it would be an easy turn around for $100.  So I got her.

bride saber
Figma Bride Saber figure.

After she arrived, I kept her in the box, didn’t even take her out and look at her.  I started thinking, for some reason, about where she came from.  I imagined her previous owner was in dire straights and had to sell her for money.  I imagined him looking her over one last time, apologising and telling her that it would be ok, she was going to a good home.  I imagined her being sad but optimistic, she understood why she had to leave and believed her old master, that things would be ok.

Then I imagined when she got here, after being alone and cold in the dark for days.  She would know she was here because there would be the noises of a home.  Dogs barking.  Children laughing and running around.  Lively conversations of adults in the background.  She would wait in anticipation to be brought into her new life.  She would wait… And wait… And wait.  Until she lost hope.

Then one day the sounds would fade away like they had before, and she would be cold and alone again.  Who knew where she would end up next…

I couldn’t bare the thought.  I immediately opened her and she’s been here ever since.  She’s a great figure and one of the only figma left in my collection.  I have gone through a lot of them, but she is really the only one I’ve bonded with like that. 

Original screen cap:


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