On Excitement and Life

An anon talks about the role of excitement in modern civilization in response to a different anon’s complaint about their life:

Fucking pathetic.  You don’t need to be some Uber-chad with thousands of friends, millions of dollars, a house in the Bahamas and a date with another girl every night to enjoy life.  Modern civilization and its ideal of endless gratification and excitement is so pathetic.  Your life is not sad.  YOU are sad.  In a state closer to nature, like being a farmer or, even more primitively, a hunter-gatherer in a tribe, you do the same shit every day.  And it’s peaceful.  And there’s not a lot of stimulation.  But you’re still a human.  You still can consider the issues of life and death.  And, in fact, you can probably see the wonder and mystery of small things better than desensitized city hyper-socialites.  Do what >>11376260 said.  Walk around aimlessly, enjoy the sights of trees and flowers and bushes and different parts of the city.  Drink coffee or tea.  Care about your physical health, research what food is healthy and how to cook good meals.  Take it easy, stop trying to be like the people you see in the movies, they don’t really exist.  Life can’t be constant excitement.

Original screen cap:


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